Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Why I am not a democrat

From the 40th minute you will get all the awkward questions being asked of Michael Gove from the audience. How much if at all do you think these issues have been addressed?

Why do you think David Cameron removed Michael Gove as Education Secretary?

Because he was stepping on too many toes and people were squealing.

Why did he make Nicky Morgan Education Secretary?

Because he knew she would do NOTHING to be upset anyone till the election was over.

This was in 2013.

How much longer has democracy got left before it implodes under the weight of its own lies and contradictions?

No government will improve standards of education until and unless there is a one-party state in which leaders of the teaching unions can be dealt with swiftly and decisively.

The problems of British education are now too entrenched, long-standing and bone-deep. No government will be able to solve them in one term of office and that is why it will never be attempted as long as representative democracy continues.

Have you noticed how democracy is about doing nothing and waiting for things to fail when there is so much to be done and so little time to be lost?

Have you noticed that democracy is really about knaves soliciting the vote of fools every five years and bribing voters with their own money?

Democracy means that no one is really in charge.

Democracy means passing the buck like a parcel with a ticking bomb until it blows up in someone's face.

Time to call time on democracy, don't you think?

Indiscriminate universal suffrage and chasing the female vote has turned Western men into pathetic snivelling infantilised helpless contemptible effeminates lower than sluts

I look forward to hearing that I am now on the Domestic Extremist List because I certainly don't believe in this dishonest demented and deficient system.

I will be voting UKIP in May 2015 however simply because I know things must get worse before they get better and pain is the only language smug liberals understand.

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