Saturday, 18 April 2015

Claire Khaw denounces Eddy Butler and the English Democrats

Comment 1:

For someone who used to be a British Nationalist to now support a party that is actively campaigning for the break-up of the Union is bemusing. Is this the result of a lack of principle or just a question of any port in a storm?

Comment 2:

The clue is in the noun “British” which was always an English project. Only fools think the English, Scots and Welsh will be better off after the break-up of the Union. The rest of the world will regard the British as a broken family – its parents divorced after one or both parties to the marriage have committed acts of infidelity, its children likely to do worse at school after living in a one-parent household headed by a parent who has taken to drink and regularly bringing home unsuitable lovers. No good will come of it, and no benefit accrue to your reputation, Eddy Butler, for refusing to see this.
Make no mistake: Britain will be DIMINISHED after the break up of the Union and if you are British, it means that YOU too will be diminished.

The enemies of society are sluts and socialists, the enemies of the British Plaid Cymru, the SNP and the English Democrats

My poster campaign to save the Union and save the Scotties from Shrek and Sturgeon

Early morning at Harlow College for another hustings event...

Claire Khaw designs T-shirts for Eddy Butler, Harlow PPC for the English Democrats

Who to vote for if you live in Harlow:

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