Friday, 17 April 2015

The enemies of society are sluts and socialists, the enemies of the British Plaid Cymru, the SNP and the English Democrats

SNP outlines plans to block Labour minority government's defence spending over Trident

OFFICIAL: UK now taken over by Reds

Is it only a matter of time before the Americans start bombing us to impose "regime change"? (And are you almost hoping that they would?)

Do you find working out what the government is doing and why like working out the motivations of a lunatic and are you SICK OF IT?

Wouldn't you rather a sane rightly-guided Caliph even if he is a dictator who follows the Koran, than being run by a deranged democracy consisting of fools and knaves?

Are we being well-governed? Is there are a number we can ring if we feel we are being misgoverned by corrupt and incompetent imbeciles?

Do you feel that the British government is always being hoist by its own petard, foolishly and persistently throwing its own shit at its own fan while moronically staying in the same room to receive the resulting spatter?

CONCLUSIVE evidence that democracy is SHIT: if Miliband becomes PM after the election. More robust Englishmen would have all SNP politicians removed, one way or another. Labour and SNP stitching up the English could happen too. Don't forget who started this devolution crap: New Labour. It was New Labour who sold the Union down the river for a few miserable terms of Labour government.

Why keep a shit system that allows the left to take over like this?

What is democracy but knaves soliciting the votes of fool every five years and bribing voters with their own money?

What is democracy but not asking people who don't know and don't care about who their government bombs, invades, maims and kill as long as it does not affect them?

What is democracy but a moral vacuum and a political process that never ever considers the long term national interest?

Remember: Britain lost its world empire because Asquith thought participating in a short successful war, in which "our boys would be back by Christmas" in 1914 would advantage the Liberal Party in the General Election 1915 which was subsequently cancelled because it had turned out to be a World War.

Remember: WW2 was a continuation of WW1 and was part of the second Thirty Years War. On both occasions it was Britain that declared war on Germany.

Poppy Mania Day prevents any rational and impartial analysis of the insanity of UK foreign policy for the past 100 years

Now, having lost their world empire the British are now contemplating the break-up of their Union with uncomprehending complacency. Wales and Scotland are now stuffed with socialists and separatists who hate the English while the sensible people who remain are mostly in England lacking the honesty to admit that it was the operation of democracy that brought them to this pretty pass.

But the best way of weaning the British from this shit system is in fact for Miliband to end up in Downing Street so we can watch the shit hit the fan hard in very large quantities and splatter all over the voters of the SNP, the Greens, Plaid Cymru and the LibLabCon, though of course in practice we will all be on the receiving end.

How English Conservatives can sort out the Welsh and Scottish Socialists

War and revolution is the national equivalent of defecation and vomiting and defecation and vomiting is necessary if your body politic has absorbed enough toxins to cause a bad reaction.

The internal enemies of your society are always sluts and socialists.

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