Saturday, 25 April 2015

Lutfur Rahman's Grounds for Appeal

Mr Mawrey's 200 page judgment against Lutfur Rahman

I should have said "If the police do not CHARGE him after finding no evidence".

In his 200-page judgment on Rahman, Mawrey pointed out that although the election court is a civil hearing, “the criminal standard of proof, namely proof beyond reasonable doubt” is applied. Candidates, unless “a mitigating factor is established”, are deemed responsible for the acts and omissions of their agents.

Er, was there actually a jury to decide whether Lutfur Rahman was guilty beyond reasonable doubt, or just Mr Mawrey alone deciding that the accused was guilty beyond all reasonable doubt?

Saying something doesn't make it so!

The whole affair is a nettle of nonsense on stilts.

But turning towards an even more serious matter, what sort of a curry dinner should Lutfur Rahman buy me for giving him all this free legal advice, and in which restaurant in Tower Hamlets should this curry dinner take place? In one of Mr Azmal Hussain's four esteemed restaurants in Brick Lane? It should be a late curry dinner and we should arrive at the restaurant no earlier than 22:55 hours and see what time Mr Hussain stops taking our orders and throws us out on the streets ...

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