Thursday, 9 April 2015

Mary Wakefield huffs and puffs at Muslims for rejecting the Christian doctrine of Original Sin


DRO said...

The concept of Original Sin in Christian theology is to explain the rebellion of Adam and Eve in the Garden.

To the Christians, because Eve succumbed to the Devil (Serpent) and then tempted Adam to follow her sin therefore Eve was the baddy and so all her descendants are born carrying her sin.

This clearly makes their god unjust, but God is by defintion Absolute Justice.

This has worried many Christians since the Romans rewrote the Message of Christ and enforced their new narrative as though it was Christ's Teachings.

The 4th Century British divine Pelagius, for example, clearly still following a good deal of Celtic Christianity rejected it and held that people attain Grace through Good Works.

Its illogicality is still a problem for Christians, so they largely don't talk about it.

Its further injustice is seen in the notion that in the blood of Christ people's Original Sin is washed away; put another way, 'Christ died for my sins' - another Roman rewrite lifted from the Egyptian mystery cult of Isis.

The Muslims teach that 'they sinned together' (i.e. it wasn't Eve's fault); that 'He taught them the words' (of the prayer for forgiveness) and 'He forgave them'; and then the leaving of the Garden was not as a punishment but the next phase on the journey of humanity. We earn our place in the hereafter by our own Good Works (like Pelagius taught).

CH said...

"Jews DO NOT believe in original sin.
Jews believe that one is born into the world with original purity, not with original sin. We know human beings can choose to do evil, but Judaism does not dwell on that fact. Rather, we rejoice, as we believe Gd rejoices, when human beings choose to do good."

Only Christians believe in that garbage. It's all a bunch of rationalizing away their flaws. One cannot help being sinful if it is in the nature of mankind. God cannot abide sin so he dooms mankind to death and eternal hellfire from the start. God demands blood for these awful sinners whom he created with this sinful nature in the first place. However, one cannot be held responsible for his sinful nature because someone else already took the blame for it; God himself died and shed his own blood to absolve everyone of sin.

Smh it's ridiculous.