Friday, 3 April 2015

For boys and girls: the moral to be derived from Andreas Lubitz's suicide

  1. "Only pump and dump stupid treacherous sluts but don't let them move in with you."
  2. "Don't shack up with a mass-murdering maniac."
  3. "Don't shack up with a depressive."
  4. "Don't be careless with contraception if you are screwing a mass-murdering maniac you are shacked up with who is also an insecure depressive."
  5. "Don't get knocked up by a mass-murdering maniac."
  6. "Don't happily and proudly announce to the children you teach you are a stupid slut knocked up with the bastard of a mass-murdering maniac."
  7. "Don't have low standards and fuck depressives, beta males or sluts just because they happen to be around and seem OK at first."
  8. "Don't let stupid sluts who get knocked up by mass-murdering maniacs teach impressionable children in any school in any country."
  9. "Society should not tolerate stupid sluts because if it does there will be more sluts to tolerate and more evil shit caused by tolerating sluts."
  10. "Tolerating sluts means tolerating stupidity, irresponsibility, chaos, evil and crime when you don't need to."
  11. "If you have to hate the parents of either Andreas Lubitz or Kathrin Goldbach, remember that the parents of the slut could have reasonably told their slut daughter not to shack up with the mass-murdering maniac or get knocked up by him or go on a holiday with him or receive a car from him and then dump him on her return from holiday while the parents of the suicidal mass-murdering pilot could not reasonably have foreseen that their son would deliberately crash the plane he was flying with 149 people on board." 
  12. "If you are already complaining about the insecurities and controlling behaviour of the depressive mass-murdering maniac you are already shacked up with, don't get knocked up by him and then boast about it to schoolchildren and then slag him off after he crashed his plane after you dumped him after he took you and your family on holiday and bought you a car." 
I am sure a modern 21st century version of this could be written to warn little German boys not to allow treacherous stupid sluts to move in with them and also little German girls not to screw, shack up with or get knocked up by depressives who are mass-murdering maniacs. 

Wouldn't you be feeling a little suicidal if you ...

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