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Jack Sen - 'Is UKIP controlled opposition or genuine Nationalism?'

Even after his suspension for antisemitism Sen received 6058 votes rather more than what the previous UKIP candidate got in 2010, who only got 1775.

Robert Blay also did rather well after threatening to shoot Tory MP Ranil Jayawardena if he became PM, and doubled UKIP's vote in North East Hampshire.

Interestingly, Sen also got more votes than Paul Nuttall and Steven Woolfe.

Is Rabbi Sacks tough on terrorism and the causes of terrorism?

ISIS and homosexuality are God's punishment on Europe, claims Free Presbyterian minister Ian Brown

  1. The distinction between religion and politics is a distinction without a difference.
  2. War is a continuation of politics by other means.
  3. If there are just wars then there must necessarily and logically be just acts of terrorism.
  4. Terrorism is just a poor man's war.
  5. One man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist.
  6. All acts of terrorism are without exception caused by bad government policy eg feminism (bad domestic policy) and the Wolfowitz Doctrine (bad foreign policy).
  7. It is not what happens to you, it  is how you deal with it. (Did the Austrian Empire deal with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand wisely, considering it was its hysteria that ended up in the destruction of the Austrian Empire?)
  8. Condemning terrorism is a distraction from condemning the criminal enterprise that is Western foreign policy.
  9. While non-combatants are killed by acts of terrorism, even more of them are killed in war.
  10. Imperial nations understandably condemn terrorism because it is their imperialism that causes the terrorism they complain of. 
  11. Religion is just another word for state ideology.
  12. Any state ideology that causes its members to willingly join the armed forces to kill whom they are told is the enemy without the ability or inclination to understand foreign policy serves the same purpose as religion. 
  13. Religion comes from the word "religare" which is Latin for "to bind". To bind what? To bind society. The purpose of religion is to bring about social cohesion to better allow a society to fight its enemies.
  14. The purpose of religion is to impose morality.
  15. Morality tells us what to do and what not to do for the purpose of making us more likely to co-operate with each other and to discourage certain behaviours likely to cause degeneracy and social problems eg widespread bastardy. 
  16. A system of morality obviously fails when, instead of bringing about social cohesion, it causes anomie and social fragmentation, which feminism clearly does. 
  17. Feminism causes immigration but men are still too busy accepting what feminism bribes them with - premarital and gay sex - to work this out.
  18. Man created God to protect him from woman.
  19. The enemies of society are always sluts and socialists and most voters are sluts and socialists in the West. 
  20. Democracy is about not asking people who don't know and don't care about foreign policy what to do for world peace.
  21. God if He exists is Darwinian.  His purpose is to allow those who best obey His laws to triumph overs those who are less good at obeying His laws.
  22. If God exists and assists those who obey His laws, then it follows that He will thwart the plans of those who deny His existence, deny His prophets and flout His laws. (This must include American and her allies, must it not?)
  23. The problems of the West originate in the failure of Christianity and democracy.
  24. Antisemitism is endemic in the Christian West and is entirely a Christian phenomenon.
  25. Both Jews and Muslims are Semitic peoples but the reason why Christians hated Jews and Muslims was not racial, it was because they both denied their precious Trinity. 
  26. If Muslims are now antiseimitic it is caused by Christian nations of the West being vassal states of America while America is under the control of the Israel lobby.
  27. The reason why Western governments are so easily manipulated by the Israel lobby is because representative democracy makes Western nations uniquely vulnerable to its threats and bribes. 
  28. Jews and Muslims have for so many centuries ignored the Bible that they are aghast that Muslims - whom they denounce as fanatics and extremists - should take their own Holy Book seriously.
  29. All the Abrahamic faiths promote patriarchal values and support the institutions of marriage and the family.
  30. All advanced civilisations are patriarchies and all declining and primitive civilisations matriarchies.
  31. A matriarchy establishes itself in the absence of traditional marriage on the foundations of extramarital sex, sodomy and bastardy.
  32. In a matriarchy, all men are lower than sluts, even the Prime Minister and the US President. (This is because most voters will be sluts and their bastards.)
  33. The Trinity is the Achilles heel of Christianity because it is totalitarian. It is totalitarian because it  requires Christians to believe in the absurdity of the Trinity. (If you do not believe in Christ is also God, you are not Christian and only Christians go to heaven.) 
  34. The Church and State had to be separated because the laws of God as contained in the Bible were so vaguely and badly stated that the act of Christians attempting to interpret and apply God's laws would result in Christians killing each other in the European Wars of Religion or burning each other as heretics at the drop of a hat.
  35. Because of the Christian requirement to proclaim the absurdity and lie of the Trinity as if it were the truth, the character of Christians has long since been corrupted and it is for this reason that Christianity and Hypocrisy so often go hand in hand.
  36. The gloating triumph of gay marriage in Catholic Ireland has demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that Christianity is kaput and democracy demented.
  37. The reason why Muslims are killing Christians in sub-Saharan Africa is because Christianity is now associated with the religion of the people who want to spread the disease of gay marriage all over the world.
  38. The West is as Christian as a skeleton used to be human.
  39. The reason why the Catholic Church fell so easily to gay marriage is because a significant number of Catholic clergy is gay.
  40. If you were gay, ambitious, clever, malicious and want to be respected by heterosexual people, what better joke to play on them than to become the Pope or at least a Cardinal or bishop?
  41. The Catholic Church trod the same road of perdition as the Episcopalian Church - it liberalised to get bums on pews. 
  42. If the world's most powerful churches have fallen to gay marriage, why would any sane and decent person want to join the religion of people who support gay marriage thereby risking being killed by Muslims if they live in sub-Saharan Africa?
  43. The nicer Western Christians are to LGBTs, the nastier non-Western governments in Africa will be to theirs eg Uganda, Zimbabwe.
  44. Christianity is now so morally rotten that not only do its clergy not forbid sin or propagate Catholic teaching, they now encourage it in order to retain their status and income.
  45. Much of the Christian deference to Jews now is result of guilt over how badly Jews have been treated by Christians for so many centuries.
  46. Much of the Christian fear and hatred of Muslims is the fear that Islam will supersede Christianity. 
  47. Most people who call themselves Christians do not really believe in the Trinity. They are just pretending to be Christian and going to church to get their children into a decent church school because they can't afford school fees.
  48. It is perfectly possible for the Pope not to believe in the Trinity, though it entirely understandable that he would claim to believe Christ is also God just to keep his job. 
  49. The Archbishop of Canterbury is so theologically ignorant he does not even know he is supposed to believe in the Trinity.
  50. Christianity is no longer fit for the purpose of maintaining morality and is in fact a moral vacuum. 
  51. Nature abhors a vacuum and it is inevitable that Islam will fill the moral vacuum that is Christianity.
  52. Christianity is now infested by feminists and LGBTs as well as men with third rate minds afraid of women with second rate minds. 
  53. The Church of England was created in order to be a Creature of the State and the state is now PC Liberal - not only condoning but promoting extramarital sex. 
  54. The Catholic Church is under the thumb of the international matriarchy because it knows that if it does not toe the PC Libtard line the international matriarchy will accuse and convict its clergy of historic sexual offences.
  55. When the Catholic Church had power it abused it by imposing the Inquisition probably as a reaction and revenge against having the absurdity of the Trinity mocked by Jews and Muslims.
  56. Islam is the only reliable source of social conservatism left in the West.
  57. If Islam is Judaism Lite, then Secular Koranism is Islam Lite.
  58. Secular Koranism is not religion, but a legal system, like EU law. (It is possible for EU lawyers to be Eurosceptic.)
  59. Secular Koranism is for socially conservative Jews, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists as well as socially conservative atheists and agnostics.
  60. No law in the Koran is inconsistent with Jewish and Christian principles.
  61. The Koran is more liberal than the Bible, has a whole chapter on divorce, gives women more rights and tolerates brothel-keeping.
  62. ISIS is the patriarchy rebelling against the dead hand of matriarchal Western imperialism.
  63. The only way to solve the problem of Israel is for it to become a one-party theocracy under the principles of Secular Koranism.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

What was the government response on being told in 2006 that Muslim terrorism caused by foreign policy? (Now 2015.)

Two Muslims discuss UK foreign policy in 2006.

Has there been any progress since then?

Are the media facilitating a discussion about UK foreign policy?

Of course not. Those who speak out of turn tend to lose their jobs and saying anything found to be objectionable by Jews will have you labelled as an antisemite, and antisemites are of course evil nasty Nazis whose views must either be suppressed or ignored.

This is why no one ever listens to Paul Craig Roberts, because he has been labelled as such, even if he is a wise old man and was once adviser to Ronald Reagan. In the West the young despise the old. Anyone who is not attractive enough for them to think of having sex with is automatically dismissed as worthless and even immoral. In any dispute a social conservative might have with a libtard the subject of how much sex one has had will arise as if the number of sex partners one has had in one's life is indicative of one's moral probity and intellectual respectability.

Paul Craig Roberts: "Britain never makes a decision without asking America."

Most people who consider themselves educated and well-informed in this country have never heard of the Wolfowitz Doctrine, as I discovered to my horror recently.

Which rules are more likely to discourage war - the Wolfowitz Doctrine or the Koranic rules of warfare?

Does the BBC have a moral and national responsibility to discuss UK foreign policy?

Is the BBC morally rotten because it no longer has any journalistic integrity?

I would say so. You would have thought the media would like to challenge my views but the collective consensus amongst libtards is not to give me the oxygen of publicity before they can think of any counter-arguments to my arguments. I am not even complaining about bad publicity being a sporting kind of woman and prepared to let them do their worst. My touted appearance on the Channel 5 hatchet job on UKIP suddenly came to nothing after filming me over two days for a total of six hours. It was probably because I did not seem to them to be mad and hate-filled enough to fit into the usual mould of what the left like to think of as UKIP supporters.

These people no longer play by the rules and will bend and break them if it suits, and they are so shameless they see nothing wrong with this.

I know what the problem is and I have the solution, but no one wants to hear it, even the people who are in government supposedly promoting the national interest and those who are expected to have a professional interest in reporting news with impartiality.

So, what we know now is that UK foreign policy is not about to be discussed because the government has no plans to change it at the behest of its citizens. They also know that virtually no voter will vote for any party on the basis of its foreign policy, and they think they can continue to get away with it.

Those who will not listen to reason are implicitly saying they will only be moved by force. Muslims who come to realise this are radicalised, creating a pool of radicalised people who will take the next leap of thinking: deciding to act logically on this conclusion in an extra-legal way ie become terrorists.

In the meantime both the government and the media continues to close its eyes and shut its ears, for this is now the way of the West.

In the meantime, Muslims will continue to be targeted by the police and security services while being told that only religious fanatics take what their scripture says literally.

It is laughable the way Western governments thinks they can stop radicalisation. Even if Anjem Choudary were forbidden to appear on TV or from using Twitter, there will be others who hold his views and others who will logically act on the conclusion they have formed.

The only way of peaceful protest I can think of is to form a group of Muslims and non-Muslims who make a point of refusing to condemn terrorism because condemning terrorism is a distraction from condemning UK foreign policy.

Condemning terrorism is condemning the symptoms while refusing to cure the disease that is government policy because, without exception, all terrorism is caused by bad government policy. Those who disagree with me about this are invited to think of just one act of terrorism that was not caused by bad government policy and to remind themselves that that late world statesman Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for terrorist offences.

Will the BBC facilitate an honest debate about Western foreign policy with SMS voting and will the government undertake to change it if enough people vote against it?

Can you imagine such a television event ever being broadcast?

If it were being proposed by anyone at all, it would soon be shelved after being put on the back burner. Britain is a vassal state of the EU and the US because our politicians simply have not got a visionary alternative. Only Muslims have an alternative vision.

Radicalisation does not only happens to Muslims. Breivk was radicalised and he was an Islamophobe. Radicalisation is when you come to the conclusion that the democratic process is an exercise in futility because it will never give you what you sincerely believe is moral and what you ought to have.

The radicalised person knows that the democratic process is an exercise in futility as regards what he believes it is moral and just for him to have while the terrorist is someone who is radicalised and knows that only force will move those who have ignored and marginalised him, and is prepared to use violence. The more you antagonise someone, the more he is likely to use violence against you, even if the use of force turns out to be suicidal, if that is the only way he is ever going to get his revenge.

The state should remember what happened to the Austro-Hungarian Empire when its response to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand ended its existence.

As they say, it ain't what happens to you, it is how you deal with it.

Those who refuse to be moved by reason are by implication saying they will only be moved by force. When you implicitly transmit this message, you should not be surprised when war and terrorism and perhaps revolution and defeat will be the consequence.

Muslims worship and fear an omnipotent and morally perfect God whom they believe will come to their assistance if they obey His laws. What do Islamophobes believe in? They worship and fear the fornicating slut who is the embodiment of the sexual liberation they are addicted to.

What Westerner can make the connection between respecting marriage and forbidding extramarital sex? No Western politician will speak up for marriage by denouncing those who allow and encourage extramarital sex. The almost universal practice of extramarital sex in the West is the sacrament of Westerners and what they would call their way of life and their liberty. That is really all they mean when they so grandiosely elevate fornication and widespread bastardy as their national identity and national tradition.

God if He exists sent Muslim terrorists to punish errant Christians and Jews, who really should know better, being the senior branches of the Abrahamic faith.

These days, just listening to the Today Programme, even when it does not mention Muslims or ISIS at all, is a radicalising act.

Every time you hear some stupid policy eg gay marraige, being proposed and turned into law, it is a radicalising act.

When the SNP have 56 seats with 4.7% of the vote while UKIP get only 1 seat with 12.6% of the vote, it is a radicalising act.

When your government bombs another country with no good reason at the behest of the Americans, it is a radicalising act.

You are radicalised when you know that your government and your media are the bad guys who will always ignore and smear you even if you have command of all the arguments.

You are radicalised when you hear Andy Burnham telling the Pope to accept gay marriage thinking this will make him more likely to become Labout leader.

I am sure I do not need to belabour the point.

Claire Khaw issues the death certificate of Christianity

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Ireland has gone gay, will the Mail go libtard when Geordie Greig takes over?

Eye 1351: 18-31 October 2013

Eye 1392: 15-28 May 2015

Eye 1393: 29 May - 11 June 2015  

Camille Paglia:

"Much violence against women originates in emotional territory that they already command. By midlife and early old age, as the hormones of both genders change, women are in total, despotic control of their marriages."

Is social conservatism to be even further marginalised just because the wife of the proprietor of the Mail dislikes having the views of her husband's newspaper mocked by her libtard friends?

Under the rules of no fault divorce she could divorce Lord Rothermere for this reason alone and take half his stuff or more. 

If you were Viscount Rothermere, would your most likely response to be obey She Who Must Be Obeyed if only for the sake of domestic harmony? After all, what is a journalistic principle, eh? 

Paul Dacre on Desert Island Discs

Fleet Street rumour has it that Kay is being moved because he upset friends of Lady Rothermere, the proprietor’s wife, and that she is also behind the abrupt departure of the columnist Melanie Phillips, apparently on the grounds that her style – particularly during a June appearance on BBC1’s Question Time – is too shrill. Lady Rothermere, it is said, is desperately keen to oust Dacre in favour of Greig. Senior Mail sources pooh-pooh such tales, but they stop short of outright denials that Dacre is nearing the end of his days on the paper.

Monday, 25 May 2015

The West is as Christian as a skeleton used to be human now Catholic Ireland has legalised gay marriage

MISSING WORD; "If he says yes, say, "But you would, wouldn't you?"

Examples of the contemptible feeble-mindedness and ineptitude of those who oppose gay marriage.

The contemptible ineptitude of David Quinn of the Iona Institute

The contemptible feebleness of the Archbishop of Dublin
It is so disgustingly feeble that I quite understand why people without an understanding of the issues would vote the other way as a visceral reaction against the contemptible ineptitude and feebleness of these two disgustingly contemptible inept and feeble characters.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

How Claire Khaw would have answered the questions if interviewed by Chris Donoghue


Are you willing to accept that what the Independent Referendum Commission said that regardless of a YES or a NO vote in there will be no constitutional right to surrogacy for anyone?


YES, surrogacy is a can of worms that should not be approached, let alone opened.


Are you against surrogacy in all instances?


YES. I repeat: surrogacy is a can of worms that should not be approached, let alone opened.


Is it not up to our Parliamentarians to bring about a robust law against surrogacy?


Of course. and it is up those who are against surrogacy to advise and warn our parliamentarians against legalising surrogacy.


Do you have a problem with gay people?




Do you believe it is natural to be gay?


Yes, one must never underestimate the attractions of purely recreational sex. Children are an expensive drain on one's income and take up much of our time. I completely understand why LGBTs would prefer their kind of sex to the kind of sex straight people have, which results in the conception and birth of those pesky expensive messy things we need to bring up properly: the next generation.
An ancient once said "Don't have children, they may turn out to be bad. If they are good you will fear to lose them."


And that is as God intended?


It has been said that God if He exists intends to try us with temptation to see if we are fit for heaven.


What did you mean when you tweeted "Who's the father?" when one of our presenters who is a lesbian announced she was pregnant?


I meant "Who's the father?" Is this very difficult to understand?


Would you ever ask a single mother "Who's the father?"


If it was appropriate, certainly.


Would you ask a straight couple who went through IVF "Who's the father?"


If it was appropriate to do so, certainly.


Would you ever ask an Irish couple who had adopted a child from abroad "Who's the father?"

If it was appropriate, certainly.


Do you have a problem with IVF?


Yes, Ireland as a nation has no need for IVF. This practice is in any case dysgenic and no infertile person should be given assistance to sexually reproduce if they cannot do so naturally.


Were you wrong to oppose divorce two decades ago?


Yes. The Koran actually has a chapter on divorce. If Muslims are allowed divorce, then why should Christian Irishmen and Irishwomen deprive themselves of the escape of divorce when their marriage has broken down irretrievably?


Have you been guilty of scaremongering?


What have I said would you say makes me guilty of scaremongering?


Do you not think the mental health of gay children is relevant?


Relevant to what?


Do you understand that gay children are listening to this?


Are you saying that gay children are having gay sex with each other? This is something their parents should be putting to a stop to, whatever happens to gay marriage. Does Newstalk have a significant child audience? I had no idea.

Who are these gay children you keep referring to? The Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety should be informed of these gay children having gay sex and their lack of parental supervision.


Your column joked about two straight men getting married to get a tax break. What have you to say about that?


I was merely speculating on the possibility of this happening in Ireland. Did I say something wrong?


Could a straight man and a straight woman get married for a joke today?


This is in theory possible.


Has it crossed your mind that Ireland could be a better place if gay people could marry the people they loved?


Gay people can already have sex and move in with each other without a marriage certificate so gay people should leave marriage to couples who are capable of sexual reproduction with each other, and mind their own business.

Let me assure you of this though: the moment gay people are capable of sexual reproduction with each other I will be the first to support gay marriage.

No, Ireland will not become a better place if the Irish turn the institution of marriage into a gay sex toy because marriage was created for the purpose of rearing the next generation in optimum conditions and gay people are more interested in having recreational sex with each other than in rearing the next generation. Giving marriage to gay people as a sex toy to play with is like giving boxer shorts to a woman or a maternity bra to a man: nonsensical and unnecessary. What will happen is that Ireland will become a more irrational country with a decreasing and degenerate population whose main practice is to desecrate the institution of marriage. No good will come of this.


Is it not time to live and let live?


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Muslims make a point of enjoining good and forbidding evil, which is a better way of living than just going with the flow and letting everything hang out, as Catholic clergy are now proposing to do. To tamper with the delicate mechanism of marriage would harm any society because marriage is what brings about social cohesion and stability as well as the continuity of our traditions and the preservation of our achievements.

Legalising gay marriage is legalising what should be a sexual offence and all members of society will suffer when what should remain a crime is legalised.

Anjem Choudary on Ireland going gay: gay marriage would never have happened under Islam

Debate against gay marriage was never going to be won by senescent, uncool, cowardly and technophobic Irishmen and Irishwomen

The one I wanted to win: Elina Born & Stig Rästa - Goodbye To Yesterday (Estonia) 2015 Eurovision

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Tom Holland who tried to deny the existence of Muhammad appears to be proposing to censor the Koran



Event 138 •  • Venue: Tata Tent
Tom Holland
What do the Charlie Hebdo murders and the rise of the Islamic State owe to Islam? It would be comforting to insist, as many have done, that they owe nothing at all; but Holland, in the inaugural Christopher Hitchens Lecture, argues that the truth is more complex. The best way to combat jihadism, he proposes, is to recognise the centrality of Muhammad to Islam – and that he comes in many forms. There is the moral leader who swallowed abuse peaceably; and there is the war leader who ordered people who insulted him put to death. How best, then, to de-radicalise the Prophet? Tom Holland is author of In The Shadow of the Sword, Rubicon, Persian Fire, Millennium and the new translation of The Histories by Herodotus. Chaired by Katrin Bennhold of the New York Times.
This event will be palentyped.
Price: £9.00

Debate against gay marriage was never going to be won by senescent, uncool, cowardly and technophobic Irishmen and Irishwomen

What to say against gay marriage

Ireland gay marriage referendum results: yes vote expected

There was even a men's right activist who was too afraid of telling me how he would vote in the gay marriage referendum. The cowardice and ineptitude of these people is almost beyond belief. You can understand how easily how people would just vote the other way just to spite them because everything about them is so rankly unappealing.