Sunday, 3 May 2015

Another nail in the coffin of British justice?

"They went to a party before she attempted to get a taxi outside students halls of residence to go to a bar with her friends.
She managed to stop one cab but it left as she went to tell her friends. She then flagged down Mansouri's BMW 3 series assuming it was a taxi and got into the front seat - only for him to speed away."

If you were a female getting into a tab, why would you get into the FRONT PASSENGER seat?

If you were a female who thought you had been abducted, why would you go into a building your abductor wanted you to enter?

She was already an SSM.

A rape case has never previously been successfully prosecuted in England and Wales where the evidence of the victim went unchallenged by cross-examination.

Miss Linden was vulnerable with 'emotionally unstable personality disorder', and was sexually assaulted when 15.

She suffered post traumatic stress disorder, and had a baby in 2012, but could not cope with looking after her following an episode of self-harm.

Six months before her death she was hospitalised nine times after attempting suicide.

Sounds to me like she was impressed by his BMW (which was why she got into the FRONT PASSENGER SEAT) and was a neurotic compulsive liar.

She repeatedly told her attacker: "I want to go, I don’t want to do this."

I don't want to do this any more.

You don't say to your rapist "I don't want to do this [any more]."

Would you?

It is CRAZY.

It means when she started she did want to do it THEN CHANGED HER MIND and didn't want to do it ANY MORE.

If so, he was entitled to think she had consented, even if she later regretted it.

This evidence should not be ENOUGH to convict a man, should it?

The criminal standard of guilt is BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT.

How can this be considered guilt BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT??

Mansouri, of Saltney, Cheshire, ordered her upstairs at his home and tried to kiss her before putting his hand up her skirt. She was then raped and was described as 'really rough.'

Your rapist to be orders you to go upstairs in his home. You obey? Why don't you walk out the front door?

Who was described as "really rough"? Him? Her? (No, I won't go on about standards of British journalism on this occasion or the grammatical errors they now make.)

Regret Rape Foiled By Text Messages

So, this is the state of British "justice" and their "rule of law".

So much for the adversarial system, which distinguishes itself from the law of say, Italy, which played cat and mouse with Amanda Knox for so many years. In Italy, they operate a inquisitorial system and there is no difference between the standard of proof in civil and criminal courts.

You know how fucked in the head the British  must be when the Prime Minister couldn't tell an American what Magna Carta means in English.

2015 is the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta. It was clearly so long ago the British judiciary have forgotten its principles.

CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE judgment against Lutfur Rahman an establishment stitch-up

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