Monday, 11 May 2015

Marginalised beta males complaining about feminazi oppression

Even the white man's most powerful religion - the Catholic Church - cannot save them now.

Even if Michael Voris - known for telling it like it is and laying it on the line, who is the alpha male of Catholicism and dubbed the Anjem Choudary of Catholicism - had been made Pope the same time Pope Francis was made Pope, it would still be too late.


Anonymous said...

Do you expect Mike Buchanan, Paul Elam, Steve Moxon et al to embrace Islam? Is that what you are trying to say?

Claire Khaw said...

These pathetic little men would rather be pissed and shat on than do what is necessary for men to fight back against feminism.

They are enjoying whingeing like women rather than doing anything effective to regain control.

I don't expect these flabby old fuckers to do anything much before they pop their clogs, but looking in the right direction would help. These pussywhipped wasters actually think that by asking, begging and pleading, the matriarchy will one day give them what they want. These pathetic little fuckers actually really really think that. They think the matriarchy is their mummy. Instead, she is the evil old witch who will roast them and eat them after they have been fattened enough, and she will do the same to their male descendants too.

The only way men can regain their dignity is (1) respect and practise marriage as an institution after (2) imposing Secular Koranism.

It is like watching a bunch of senile old fuckers wistfully looking at the moon and hoping to go there one day, without even knowing that they have first to find a space-worthy vessel. Mind you, even if one were available, these pissy old fuckers would be too afraid of entering their vessel, much less embark on a voyage.