Thursday, 14 May 2015

Human rights v Religion "debate" is really ALL ABOUT LGBT SEX

Andrew Copson is gay.

... a number of corporations in the U.S., for example, have begun letting their employees know that the company line is to accept and even promote same-sex sodomy relationships, and the unspoken reality is: You better toe the line.

In fact, it's not so unspoken depending on what company you might work for. When it comes to federal government contracts, for example, Obama has imposed his edict that you can't be awarded a government contract if your company doesn't celebrate sodomy.

Then there is the further escalation up the formal scale with cases where sticking to your religious beliefs can get you sued, such as the case with Catholic schools who make hiring and firing policies based on adherence to Catholic teaching. 

The push is on, and will achieve a whole new reality when the U.S. Supreme Court puts it seal of approval at the end of June on homosexual sexual activity as marriage. This is all preparing the ground for persecution. The time will come — at your job, in the courts, somewhere, someplace — where you will have to offer a pinch of incense to the gods of sex in a sex-crazed culture, or face being officially ostracized.

As we said, that's already the case with trying to secure a government contract. Foreign aid is already dependent on this as well — and will continue under a Hillary Clinton White House. These people and their underlings are controlled by the diabolical, and the diabolical's single goal is the eradication of the [Biblical teachings and patriarchal moral values]. 

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