Friday, 22 May 2015

Keir Starmer's leadership campaign: BRINGING BACK GRAMMAR SCHOOLS

Could Keir be Premier?

That is bound to be popular with the aspirational voter.

Keir Starmer is of course a grammar schoolboy.

While Labour frets about its lack of decent leadership candidates it should reflect on how its talent used to come from grammar schoolboys, but it was Labour who destroyed grammar schools. A free and excellent education is after all a vital instrument to social mobility. Time to bring it back.

Will Keir Starmer have the courage to campaign on this? If Labour reject him for daring to even broach the subject, he can always threaten to jump ship and join the Conservatives provided they agree to bring back grammar schools.

To have Keir Starmer would be a feather in the Tories' cap.

If he joins the Conservatives he should of course be given the post of Education Secretary and Nicky Morgan can be found something else to do.

Once this is done the former DPP would start the ball rolling as regards our transition from representative democracy to a one-party state as I have proposed at

Any observant person would have noticed by now that every time we vote, the government gets worse.

Democracy only works if most people are wise but it is patently obvious that most voters are fools and knaves more concerned about working out which bribe to accept from which party than logic or principle. The whole process only upsets them anyway.

Also, lots of time and energy is wasted telling voters pretty lies and pretending to go through the motions of caring what these tosspots think while enduring the abuse and insults of cretins.

Once we have a one-party state the political classes can vote themselves a decent salary so they don't need to scrabble around with expenses claims which are subsequently checked and then found wanting.

As for the governed, what they don't know won't upset them.

You know it makes sense.

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