Friday, 8 May 2015

"Man convicted of raping one year old baby." Are you thinking what I am thinking?

Stuart Young will be sentenced at the High Court next month for a series of sexual assaults on children

He began raping the baby boy when he was just one day old, and continued his attacks until he was three months old.

Young, from the Sighthill area of Edinburgh, also raped a girl over a period of years, beginning when she was six months old and continuing until she was five.

In July 2013, Young sexually abused a nine-year old girl in the Stenhouse area of Edinburgh.

I bet the mother(s) of the abused children was/were on carnally intimate terms with their abuser.

Disgusting, isn't it? Your slut mother having sex with the man who sexually abused you as a child would fill anyone with loathing and self-loathing. What kind of a mother would allow such a thing to happen to her child?

What kind of evidence was used to convict the man?

Was it a cabal of slut mothers conspiring to maliciously accuse a man they all knew for purposes of revenge while getting their children to accuse him?

Who knows. The reports do not give us any idea of the background of the man or the mothers involved.


AB said...

I would assume there was forensic evidence. How would he get access to a one day old baby, and where was the mother?

CH said...

It said that he had been raping the baby since he was a day old and until he was three months old, and another child from six months until she was five. How would they even know that? Did he confess?

AB said...

When they say rape, surely they can't mean like having sex with it? I can't imagine that. If he did that he should be tortured to death, slowly, but how could something like that have gone unnoticed? The mother, a social worker, a doctor.

RP said...

Usually scumbag parents allow it

especially scumbag mothers. I wouldnt be shocked if she were a single mom in love with him

AW said...

How does a man get access to a day old baby to abuse it, without a woman involved?

'I bet the mother of these abused children fucked him.' Any meaningful campaign against peadophilia in the UK will, by default imply massive female involvement in the phenomenon.NO politician will even go there.