Saturday, 9 May 2015

Slavery and Sluttery: an Interview with Claire Khaw

Interestingly, this YouTube of Lady Renouf's speech against feminism was posted yesterday.

What a shame Lady Renouf does not support Secular Koranism, which would solve the problems she complains about. Out of self interest I cannot agree with her proposal to repatriate myself to my country of origin just because I am not a member of the European races.

If Native Americans. Maoris and Australian Aborigines found a secret weapon that would achieve the forcible repatriation of all white people return to their ancestral lands of origin there would be a lot of disruption, and plenty of Old World Whites would be preparing to arm themselves in order to defend themselves from invasion by New World and Australasian returnees.

I would also like to distance myself from her antisemitism. If those who identify with Christianity resent feeling controlled by Jews and being in fear of Muslims, the reason for this is the failure of Christianity and liberalism. The problem could be solved by adopting - you guessed it - Secular Koranism. Secular Koranism is my gift to white people to help cure of them of the dementia and neurosis caused by representative democracy, feminism and PC Liberalism.

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