Monday, 11 May 2015

The male/female game of opposites and how it applies to immigration

Simon Sheppard:

Affection Beneath. The underlying mechanism by which caretaking instincts are inspired is Affection Beneath; it is obviously inappropriate to seek to protect something or someone that is more powerful than you. Females seek to monopolize Affection Beneath. The immigrant’s reduced status (accounting in part for his malleability), which many whites deny but which is plainly apparent to him, is allied to Affection Beneath. All the obstacles which females place in the path of their own males, and they are many, can appear to magically disappear in the case of an immigrant male because of AB. 
... The male/female game is the game of opposites: the male instinct is to compete (maximizing fitness) while the female instinct is to conspire (raising the cost of sex, enforcing monogamy). Applying this simple yet powerful and most important of all, accurate model, the male instinct is to be racist (because it is males who fight to protect territory and to retain the racial integrity of the tribe), so therefore the female instinct is to be “anti-racist.” Similarly the female instinct on seeing a mixed race couple is to smile approvingly while the true, deep male instinct is homicidal.
... The institutionalised favouring of immigrants, and legal protection of females from a natural masculine response to their excesses, is indicative of the Super Feminine State or, as it may otherwise be known, ‘Big Sister.’
If their behaviour is unlimited, females are capable of firstly, making their own males into an underclass, for example by their wholesale preference for alien males, as can readily be observed in areas with high immigrant populations. Secondly, they are capable of taking their race to the brink of, if not beyond, extinction. These are critical flaws for which accommodation cannot be countenanced.

If it's different for girls, it's different for boys.


JF said...

Blacks and blondes.

DA said...

I'd trust a black conservative PM, but never a Labour one - he's bound to pull out the race card whenever it suits him to silence any opposition, just like Obama.

SC said...

Umunna is nailed on to become scum labour's next leader.. The Commie bastards have tried everything else for power so eh let's tempt people with the first black to be PM thinking the colour of someone skin is that important.