Monday, 25 May 2015

The West is as Christian as a skeleton used to be human now Catholic Ireland has legalised gay marriage

MISSING WORD; "If he says yes, say, "But you would, wouldn't you?"

Examples of the contemptible feeble-mindedness and ineptitude of those who oppose gay marriage.

The contemptible ineptitude of David Quinn of the Iona Institute

The contemptible feebleness of the Archbishop of Dublin
It is so disgustingly feeble that I quite understand why people without an understanding of the issues would vote the other way as a visceral reaction against the contemptible ineptitude and feebleness of these two disgustingly contemptible inept and feeble characters.


snork maiden said...

Hang on, I thought as a libertarian you didn't care what other people got up to so long as it didn't affect you personally? Why are you so bothered about gay marriage? No one's going to make you marry a woman.

Claire Khaw said...