Saturday, 16 May 2015

Why Douglas Carswell is deeply dodgy and not to be trusted

Why is this deeply twisted man with the twisted  mouth displaying his precious "principles"? Does he think the money is his to refuse? No, it is UKIP's money to take. If Carswell is expelled from UKIP he won't get a single fucking penny of the £650,000 short money. There is no better way to prove this than for Nigel Farage to expel this twisted little man with his twisted little principles to prove this little point. Once this is done the senior Kippers who think they want a shot at the leadership will shut the fuck up.

Owner—The person in whom is vested the ownership, dominion, or title of property; proprietor. He who has dominion of a thing, real or personal, corporeal or incorporeal, which he has a right to enjoy and do with as he
pleases, even to spoil or destroy it, as far as the law permits, unless he be prevented by some agreement or covenant which restrains his right.
Black’s Law Dictionary 1105 (6th ed. 1990).
Owner—One who has the right to possess, use, and convey something; a
Black’s Law Dictionary 1130 (7th ed. 1999)
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You may have a crooked smile or mouth pull. Many people I'm fond of have it. Here are some reasons why a person might develop a pull to the right:
•Trying to please Daddy
•Overcoming shyness or a stutter
•Pushing to help others despite self-doubt
And here are some reasons why a person might develop a pull to the left:
•Trying to please Mom
•Childhood learning that it isn't safe to tell others your true opinions or feelings
•Shyness that hasn't been overcome
But, for either type of mouth migration, there can be another reason: Chronic lying.
Still, in certain cases I do find cause for alarm in a migrated mouth. When a politician has great power, integrity matters enormously, especially since we live in such an Age of Spin.
Also, when a mouth becomes more crooked over time – especially during the time that a politician is in power – that is a very great cause for concern.

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