Monday, 4 May 2015

Why Muslims, feminists and gays should vote UKIP

Q.  Why should Muslims vote UKIP even though UKIP supporters are known to be Islamophobic?

A.  Because immigration affects Muslims too.

There is even a Polish UKIP PPC so things must be pretty bad when even immigrants are voting UKIP.

UKIP dead right on immigration says UKIP's Polish candidate Przemek Skwirczynski

The more immigrants there are the more the locals will hate immigration and immigrants, especially Muslims.

Of all the immigrants the locals hate and fear it is of course Muslims they most hate and fear.

Muslims should hold their nose and vote UKIP even though they know most UKIP supporters are really Islamophobes.

UKIP have also been against invading Muslim countries too, just like the BNP.

Is it interesting, isn't it, that anti-immigration parties are actually less likely to invade Muslim countries and bomb, maim and kill Muslims in other countries than the LibLabCon?

This irony is something for Muslims to ponder as they make up their minds to vote UKIP on 7 May 2015.

Muslims should be both proud of being Muslim and having the courage to publicly support UKIP.

By voting and publicly supporting UKIP Muslims are showing they are prepared to take a risk to become part of Britain.

By supporting the LibLabCon they are only showing they are showing they are on the side of the enemies of British society, who support gay marriage.

The LibLabCon do the opposite of what the Koran prescribes, while UKIP are closer to what the Bible and the Koran prescribes.

UKIP supporters are known to hate gay marriage too.

If you are angry with the LibLabCon for invading Muslim lands and being the poodle and cat's paw of warmongering American Neocons, then UKIP is the biggest stick to beat them with. Use it.

UKIP councillor blames storms and floods on gay marriage


Anonymous said...

Why are you linking mosques to a political blog

Claire Khaw said...

I haven't linked to any mosques in this post.