Thursday, 25 June 2015

How PC are you?

How would you feel if your 13 year old

1) son were seduced by his female teacher into having sexual intercourse with her?

2) daughter were seduced by by her male teacher into having sexual intercourse with him but not impregnated?

3) son were seduced into being sodomised by his pederast teacher?

4) daughter were seduced by her lesbian teacher?

If you answer differently to any of the 4 questions are you guilty of discriminating on grounds of age, sex and sexuality?


snork maiden said...

I'd answer the same to all four questions, and it wouldn't have to be my child for me to get angry and want that teacher arrested. Is there anywhere on the liberal agenda where the double standards over child abuse are supported?

Claire Khaw said...

That would be the correct answer, but we all know that most parents would have their own idea about which is the least worst option. What would be your answer to that?