Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Karaganov: "The problem of liberal democracy is very evident in Europe."

Time to dump this shit then.

Do you find this Russian easily far more convincing than lying canting warmongering Western leaders who are zombie flesh-eaters death-walking into another European war?

The Ukraine and the Crimea has always been Russia's backyard, but everywhere in the world is America's backyard.

Sergey Karaganov was foreign policy adviser to both Boris Yeltsin and President Putin and he is saying if Ukraine joins NATO it will be regarded by Russia as an act of war, geddit?

What about this guy?

Who is right? Wise experienced old white men or over-promoted mediocrities in our much-vaunted and feminised dumbed down liberal democracy steering the ship of the state into the rocks?

You tell me.

It is an attempt by the US to isolate Russia and China.  TTIP works in the same way EU directives and the ECJ works, except it will be run by Neoconning shits bent on global domination.

Oh, and why are the Americans taking an interest in soccer of all things and investigating Blatter, a citizen of the world's most famously neutral country, Switzerland?

"Long-arm jurisdiction," says Lisa Osofsky. Strong-arm tactics, more like. 

Looks like they think the world is their shitty little police state.

Our zombie flesh-eating warmongering leaders are blundering into another European war at America's behest. The American's don't care because they have the buffer state of the EU as well as the Atlantic. Why are our leaders throwing all this warmongering shit at the fan having locked us into the fucking room with them? 

Why can't our democracy solve this little problem? 

Russian and Chinese leaders at least on sane principles of promoting their own national interest, even if they get things wrong. On what basis do leaders of liberal democracies act on? Do they even know?

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JF said...

FIFA took millions from the US during the bidding process to host World Cup 2022.
And then they gave the hosting rights to Qatar.

Immediately this angered those other nations who put in bids as it was a major red flag for financial corruption.

You do not steal money from the Americans.
This is why the FBI got involved and made it their business to destroy Fifa.

And it will have also pissed off the yanks when Russia were awarded the 2018 World Cup.

FIFA went too far and caused their own downfall because of their greed and flagrant corruption.