Monday, 27 July 2015

The degeneracy of the West is evidenced by its rejection of any idea that points to its degeneracy

The badges of being a degenerate:

  1. an inability to understand the concept of degeneracy
  2. denying that one is degenerate
  3. denying that the West is degenerate
  4. believing that degeneracy is not his or her problem
  5. having no shame that one is in denial about one's degeneracy
  6. being incapable either individually or collectively of uncompromisingly supporting marriage
  7. being incapable of understanding or pretending not to understand that supporting marriage means logically and necessarily forbidding and punishing extramarital sex
  8. being incapable of understanding or pretending not to understand that marriage is eugenic and bastardy dysgenic
  9. believing that degeneracy is not the problem of the degenerate because it will be the problem of the next generation
  10. really not knowing or pretending not to know why Muslims do not wish to integrate into a culture that has turned most Western men into pussywhipped degenerate cowards lower than sluts afraid to uncompromisingly support marriage and denounce/renounce feminism
  11. feeling no shame that one is a selfish atheist childless sex-addicted libtard who only cares about the next sexual encounter and doesn't give a damn about what happens after he or she is dead

The person who wrote accusing Penman of supporting eugenics but was too cowardly to give his or her name is not a social conservative either.

If you are a social conservative then you believe in the law supporting marriage through forbidding and punishing extramarital sex and privileging the married and their children over the unmarried.

If you call social conservatives fascists or Nazis, you must be a libtard. A libtard is a feminist believes that sex between consenting adults is no business of the government and that extramarital sex is a human right.

Most Western voters are libtards and all Western politicians pander to libtard sexual preferences because they are so cowardly and corrupt they prefer to remain in office rather than correct grave and continuing errors.

Instead of denying that she wanted to legalise inceset, she blocked me.

The Decline and Fall of the West | Dr. Jim Penman and Stefan Molyneux

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