Saturday, 22 August 2015

Anjem Choudary's message to those who would give up the First Amendment/Article 9 to suppress Islam

Choudary is daring Islamophobes to give up the First Amendment and Article 9 of the European Convention of Human Rights in order to suppress Islam. Doing this would be analogous to putting your king in check in a game of chess, but the degenerate West is no longer capable of understanding rules, the purpose of rules, fair play nor does it value the hard-won liberties their ancestors fought for.

What kind of society will the West be after it gives up this most fundamental of liberal principles? It will no longer be liberal, of course.

What is liberalism anyway?

It would appear to be a gateway ideology to the dysgenic abomination of gay marriage.

Heads liberals lose, tails the Islamists win?

Choudary knows that hypocritical Islamophobes do not value these liberal principles because they are now too degenerate to grasp the concept of a principle, let alone know what they are for. What would be the West be like after it has given up all its liberal principles in order to suppress the Islamists? What would be the point of giving up these liberal principles just to prop up a demented matriarchy? They might as well give up these principles to re-establish a rational patriarchy.

He is saying - and of course I paraphrase:

"You don't believe in any of this crap either, do you? You will keep changing your laws in your attempts to criminalise what I say in order to suppress my message. You keep changing your laws to hide how useless and wrong they are, even though you continue to laud the rule of law as a fundamental British value, but you don't believe in that either, not really. If you imprison me, I shall be a martyr to free speech, but if your courts find me not guilty of inviting support for terrorism then my reputation is enhanced. I have in any case only expressed approval of Islamic State but this is what you want to in fact criminalise me for, without quite daring to say so. You cannot win this argument, so bring it on."

(Sharia law is of course a species of the rule of law, in case you didn't know.)

God is with those who are patient and persevere, and He does not change the lot of those who do not change what is in their hearts.

What is in the hearts of so many Westerners that God if He exists would wish changed? I imagine it would be the irrational belief that liberalism and feminism is absolutely right and Islam absolutely wrong without an honest thoroughgoing debate and investigation into the policies that led us to this pretty pass.

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