Saturday, 29 August 2015

Anjem Choudary and the First Amendment

We will know after his trial whether merely expressing approval for terrorists is the same as "inviting support for terrorism" under section 12 of the Terrorism Act 2000

However much you loathe him, Choudary has clearly bounced the government into showing its true colours. This is what all the radical but peaceful Muslims do, and in this way perform a public service for us by being the litmus test as regards how much liberals still believe in liberalism.

If expressing approval of terrorists is treated as "inviting support for terrorism", then we no longer have free speech.

If Anjem Choudary were an American Citizen found guilty under this law, that would mean that the US government has unilaterally done away with the First Amendment.

If liberals no longer believe in free speech and the rule of law, then what do they still believe in?

We already know they no longer believe in freedom of contract and freedom of association.

It would appear that approving of gay marriage is a badge of liberalism, but when was changing the definition of marriage ever a pillar of liberalism?

PC Liberalism is really about the sanctification of the right to have extramarital sex as an inalienable human right.

How helpful is this idea to society and the strength and duration of Western civilisation?

Social conservatives of all religions and none would say "Not at all helpful."

You would have thought that the CPS would have prepared his case ready for trial by now considering he was arrested on 25 September 2014, but they are making him wait another 5 months before he can have his trial, presumably to send a message to other Muslim radicals as to what could happen to them if they are considered by the government to be expressing approval for ISIS.

If liberalism is no longer about free speech and freedom of worship, what is it about?

Is liberalism now synonymous with unquestioning support of neocon foreign policy and gay marriage?

Is this the reason why citizens of NATO member states are now targets of Muslim terrorism?

Are you sure you are comfortable with this idea?

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