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A nationalist on Jeremy Corbyn becoming Labour leader

By Andrew Slade:

First Communication

"Khaw Byn [sic] rightly wants to leave NATO which the NF has been urging for forty years or ore. Why lock ourselves into Yankee Imperialism? It denies us our nationhood, negates our right to national self-determination (which the Yanks claim is God-given and then they take it away again). NATO is part of the New World Order (=Joo World Order) which demands that we become a multi culti mish mash failed multi culti society and everything her has to be owned by Americans like the foreign devils in China under the Dowager Empress, while our people live on food bands and in homeless shelters, in debt from cradle to grave ... "

 Second Communication

Jeremy Corbyn has adopted some longstanding British Nationalist policies.

1)  Leaving NATO has long been a long- term aim of radical Britons, both on the Left & the Right, because we see the organisation as a sinister curtailment of our national sovereignty, an emanation of American- Jewish imperialism; a force working in favour of failed multi-culturalism against our Peoples' National interest. Far from defending our Nation & Peoples, NATO submerges us with foreign influence, foreign infiltrators, foreign power. Worst of all, NATO's HQ is in Brussels, a city whose power over us we greatly fear & hate.

2) He wants to get rid of Trident, rightly, because it's a waste of money, which would be better spent on conventional armed forces that could actually be used to defend our Nation & Peoples, rather than just enriching American Jewish arms corporations. The British Army has traditionally supported unilateral nuclear disarmament, though the Navy support Trident.

3) Corbyn is a very virile man, capable of handling three beautiful women (including two feisty Latinas) treating them correctly as inferiors & handmaidens (which they are) and defeating Harriet Harman, Yvette Cooper, Liz Kendall and other uppity girls with ideas way above their station & beyond the limited capabilities of their gender. At the same time, Corbyn has to pay lip service to feminist egalitarianism because of his socialist "ideals", yet he is charismatic enough to attract hundreds of thousands of young females to support him. And he has three macho sons with Chilean heritage. His virile character would make him a suitable Party Leader.

4) On Grammar Schools, he would like to abolish selection, a policy which is anathema to nationalists, who believe in elitist education for the elite that every nation needs. He also wants to abolish charitable status for private schools, which might force the closure of some of the more petit bourgeois & politically correct ones.

On the other hand, private education is one of the few areas of excellence which England does among the best in the world.

Cynically political calculation leads to the observation that elite schools are educating the children of rich foreigners, rather than the poor English boys they were founded to teach and who still need them most. Grammar Schools help young members of the Occupation Forces (so called "immigrants") to get much better education than our native indigenous kids. In that sense they are not helping the national cause but rather making things worse.

5) On Infiltrators, (whom he terms "Refugees") his policy is utterly treasonable and cynically calculated to create yet more unemployment, homelessness and drive down wages to zero, while driving up housing costs to infinity by bringing here limitless numbers of foreign devils to exploit and undercut our people. Worse is better from his perspective, since alienated unemployed masses of workers & students might vote for him. But usually they abstain, in fact.

6) He is quite correct to demand the termination of foreign military adventures, which Whitehall has been obsessively pursuing for a thousand years, while refusing to use the military to genuinely defend our shores adequately against infiltration by his "migrant" friends & lovers.
7) And he is quite correct to criticise capitalist usury but totally fails to identify the real culprits within the north London Jewish community, amongst whom he lives & prospers. His gravely misguided policies on infiltration/immigration would enrich those guys greatly, which is presumably why the media they control are giving him so much oxygen of publicity. They tried & failed to put two of their own back into power, David & Ed Milliband. Now maybe they hope to use Corbymania to impoverish & proletarianise yet more yentls.

8) On the NHS (the Nazional Sozialist Death Service) he would like to waste yet more cash on that corrupt, uncaring & hugely inefficient behemoth, which employs a million foreigners & has murdered seven million of our own innocent babies (so far) in its abortion Holocaust and often ignores the needs of our people, thereby helping the Infiltration & Occupation Forces in their long-term aim of totally replacing our decadent English People. A process already far advanced in Corbyn's own constituency Islington North, after his 8 election wins there. And which he would doubtless like to extend nationwide.

9) He has succeeded in mobilising politically the current highly political generation of young, brainwashed products of State "Education" to his politically correct hobby horses. The Radical Right cannot access those disillusioned, alienated young masses, because the System denies Rightist thinkers access to the media & the education machine. Nevertheless, he is politicising these poor brainwashed fools. He will disillusion them inevitably, because the System will not allow him to satisfy their just demands. Nor can the Radical Right help them, despite our better analysis of their plight. Eventually they may turn to Nationalism, as students have in Scotland.

10) Corbyn has revived the old use of hustings & mass meetings in English politics, as used by David Lloyd George, Churchill & Gladstone. Nigel Farage missed his chance last year to appear as a demagogue, because he only held two successful mass meetings during the Euro Election Campaign. Corbyn has been energised by his ambitious Latina wives and stomped the whole country, raising Cain at scores of mass meetings! Fashion has changed & the young no longer watch telly politics. Nor read the Press. They want the excitement of mass meetings. Corbyn has spent fifty years at such meetings in Unions & Labour, so he has the experience needed to fulfill youth's expectations for excitement & entertainment.

11) Corbyn is a puritan who doesn't smoke or drink, setting a fine example by turning his back on those evil vices which have rotted our Nation for too long.

Third Communication

However, I did hold back a few even more extreme points about Corbyn to be on the "safe" side.

1) In particular, his controversial collaboration with Margarita Oppenheimer (alias Hodge) over the Islington child abuse scandal. That may yet be his Achilles heel.

2) his subservience to the big, foreign dominated Trade Unions, Unison, Unite & Fire Brigades Union (FBU).

3) the suspiciously Jewish forenames in his family: parents Naomi & David of EastEnder socialist background. Son Ben. His own names Jeremy (Hymie) & Ben again. A conspiracy theorist might guess that the Miliband Brith ( brothers) have simply been replaced with another, less obvious Hebrew. Just a guess.

4) his second wife Claudia Bracchitta, excellent mother of his three sons, though born in Chile, is of Sicilian origin & they are still close. That's not bad in itself but it probably inclines him to be pro European (despite his occasional Eurosceptic noises) as well as fanatically favourable to open borders immigration policy.

Jeremy Corbyn: Time for UK to cut free from US and Nato war policies

Corbyn has the potential to unite the Far Left and the Far Right, Muslims and Islamophobes as well as being the Labour leader to take the UK out of the EU, if he takes Ken Livingstone's advice and works with Nigel Farage.

The Left hate capitalistic imperialistic wars and the Right hate being a vassal state of the vassal state of Israel.

Let us hope he makes the most of his opportunity to make it into the history books.

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