Sunday, 13 September 2015

Advice on preventing radicalisation government will ignore in favour of more restrictions on our liberties

Stop giving the impression that the government is run by feminazis, imbeciles, incompetents, sexual degenerates, lunatics and extremists who will never enter into a full and frank discussion about government policies because they already know are morally and intellectually indefensible.

If not, the government would have to remove the ability of citizens to use reason and access to the news.

We should have a Saturday evening TV programme using the rules of a debating society in which all UK viewers can vote by text. It would be a hit.

Motions I'd like to see proposed are:

  1. Democracy is not serving the long term British national interest and the franchise should be narrowed under a one party state.
  2. Britain is a vassal state of the US.
  3. The American government is in the thrall of the Israel lobby, therefore the rest of the world is similarly in thrall to the Jewish and Israeli interests because Western imperialism is represented by America.
  4. Britain does not have an independent foreign policy.
  5. Britain is the 51st state of America.
  6. After WW2, the British lost their empire while the Americans gained one.
  7. No nation that calls itself a free country could with integrity claim it has free speech if Holocaust Denial legislation criminalises and imprisons historians for saying the wrong number.
  8. The cause of antisemitism worldwide is America's increasingly aggressive foreign policy, perceived to be implemented at the behest of Israel.
  9. Christianity has fallen to gay marriage, ergo Christianity has failed.
  10. Islam is the most natural replacement of the failed religion that is Christianity.
  11. Britain lost its world empire because of the operation of democracy.
  12. Sexual morality is linked to the health and duration of your civilisation.
  13. Sexual morality is really about how far society or an individual deviates from the ideal of traditional marriage: the prohibition of extramarital sex ie fornication, adultery and sodomy.
  14. Britain and the West is now a matriarchy.
  15. All advanced civilisations are patriarchal, and all declining and primitive societies are matriarchal.
  16. A patriarchy is a society that condones male promiscuity, a matriarchy female promiscuity.
  17. Matriarchies are either primitive or degenerate.
  18. The cure for feminism is Islam.
  19. The quickest way to destroy feminism is repeal the Equality Act 2010 and abolish no fault divorce.
  20. Feminism causes degeneracy by encouraging women to be sluts.
  21. Sluts giving sex to men for free corrupts their natures lowering them in status till they are lower than the worst kind of woman - the unfit unmarried mother.
  22. When the men of your society are perceived to be in fear of the worst kind of women, you are advertising to the rest of the world that you are ripe for invasion and exploitation.
  23. Egalitarianism is based on a lie since we are patently not equal.
  24. Sluts and socialists are the eternal enemies of society.
  25. The West is a senescent society of elderly, effete and effeminate men afraid of sluts.

Pankaj Mishra:

"Powerlessness and deprivation [felt by the emasculated beta male] are exacerbated today by the ability, boosted by digital media, to constantly compare your life with the lives of the fortunate (especially women entering the workforce or prominent in the public sphere: a common source of rage for men with siege mentalities worldwide)."

NB: There is no alpha male of Britain. There are no alpha males because no male politician has criticised the Slut Single Mother since 1974 and got away with it. Keith Joseph tried and he ended up having to stand aside for Margaret Thatcher. The British matriarchy was therefore established in 1974, 41 years ago.

Charlotte Proudman, 27, able to so easily and publicly humiliate a 57 year old Queen's Counsel just for paying her a compliment, is the consequence of all the men of Britain being lower than the worst kind of women - the unfit unmarried mother or the SSM (Slut Single Mother).

If most mothers are SSMs, then most women are sluts. If most women are sluts then most men are MCSFs (Morally-Compromised Slut-Fuckers).

MCSFs are understandably despised for being weak and in fear their women and that is why Europe as a whole is being assailed by wave after wave of migrant swarms, attracted to this country by the easy favours of its women and the effeteness and effeminacy of its men who cannot stand up for a principle because of their terror of offending their feminazi women, much less prevent swarms of migrant African men from entering their countries at will. The migrant swarms now know how weak, suicidal and stupid the European man is. More of them will come till we are completely taken over, if ISIS do not invade us first. 

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