Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Countries attractive to migrant swarms

  1. Welfare state discourages beta males from working.
  2. Low birth rate causing labour shortage.
  3. Indigenous labour force uncompetitive lazy good for nothings unattractive to employers because of bad parenting and bad schooling which government has refused to address for decades.
  4. Most women stupid hypocritical sluts who want to trick men into a relationship with a woman who is stupid but kind.
  5. Most mothers SSMs.
  6. Male leader who will pander to the preferences of female voters at the drop of a hat eg David Cameron.
  7. Female leader falling over herself to display feminine compassion at the expense of her own people eg Angela Merkel.
  8. Female-dominated media constantly pumps out sentimental tripe to encourage mass hysteria over eg a photo of a drowned boy giving stupid sluts the opportunity to show their indiscriminate compassion at the expense of men and the long-term national interest.
  9. Where Emotional Fascism exercised by women operates against men.

Simon Sheppard on Emotional Fascism

In a highly feminine environment females can fall into a belief, then an insistence, that their feelings are precious, invariably valid and paramount, while male sensibilities are dismissed as inconsequential. This has been dubbed emotional fascism. 'My emotions are always correct and sacrosanct. Your feelings don't matter. You're only a man."

My review of Simon Sheppard's Sex and Power:

If you were a healthy young male migrant, you would know that a country whose women are mostly sluts and whose men are all afraid of sluts where even their supposedly anti-immigration politicians cry on cue to pander to their stupid sentimental slut voters without thinking things through would offer you the most sexual and career opportunities.
Holding centre in Munich. The BBC always gets some fucking simpering female journalist to fucking simper at them, don't they?

From 1:44.

The BBC and its female journalists are busily selling the interests of their male licence-fee payers down the river and they are still too fucking stupid to get it. There is no one to protect them either. If you think Nigel Farage is going to do anything other than cry on cue for the benefit of the passing female voter you really should have another think coming.

If I were a migrant I would keep on coming and bring all my mates.

BBC sends only pro-migrant female journalists to report on migrant swarms

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