Monday, 14 September 2015

Female BBC journalists' pro-migrant coverage

From 40th minute: Jenny Hill's behaviour described in detail.

BBC sends only pro-migrant female journalists to report on migrant swarms

You might just agree with me if you have really really had enough of wall to wall pro-migrant crap being pumped out 24/7 at you by these women who think they are on a mission to fill Britain up with migrant swarms.

Bethany Bell has blocked me, which is a good sign that she received my message loud and clear. We are all on to what the BBC is playing at now, aren't we? Bait us, mock us, dream of increasingly sadistic ways to alarm and distress us and then sneer at us when we become alarmed and distressed.

Well-groomed handsome chappy with nice haircut catches BBC journalist's eye

Ooo, aren't migrant kiddies just so adorable? More, more, more!

Listen to BBC bitch heard to be saying "Welcome to Germany". Germany is not your country to give away, geddit? Just who the fucking fuck do you think you are? Jenny Hill, no less.

The Cook, the Carpenter and the Migrants by Emma Jane Kirby about the hospitality of Italians looking after migrant swarms

I award Emma Jane Kirby the absolute top prize for the most nauseating self-abnegating coverage.

Women share the vice of the irresponsible proletariat, of being generous with other's hospitality. How much longer are you going to put up with them trashing your country, continent and civilisation and handing it away to migrant swarms? Complain to the Bitch Broadcasting Corporation and then get UKIP to privatise it. Why the fuck pay for propaganda against yourself?

Do listen to this woman crying and wanting us to hug and cuddle migrant swarms.

#JeSuisPetraLazslo Brave Hungarian camerawoman punished for acting in accordance with her instincts

Women and Civilisation

Politicians tell citizens to welcome migrants because they can't defend their countries against *unarmed* men

Countries attractive to migrant swarms

Simon Sheppard's Sex and Power and migrant swarms

Male politicians even more vulnerable to emotional manipulation than their voters

The neurosis of the Western male politician and the migrant crisis

Libtard BBC glamorises bleeding hearts like Dr Erna Rijnierse to encourage EVEN MORE IMMIGRATION

Claire Khaw on the Stephen Nolan Show

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