Saturday, 12 September 2015

Feminist Revolution By ‪Sheikh Imran Hosein‬‏

'I was in the mood': Woman explains why she was having sex with passed-out-drunk boyfriend in the middle of a parking lot in broad daylight

  • Kimberly Jackson, 36, was arrested after having sex with her unconscious boyfriend Earl Palmer in a Virginia parking lot

  • She was charged with being drunk in public and released on bond 

  • Palmer insisted he had agreed to the romp but passed out during it  

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Dajal - this is a reduction of the Quranic phrase "al masihu-d dajjal" ('the false messiah'): essentially the Antichrist.

Men and women functionally different. Men and women analogous to day and night.
Baby if it could express its views would say it prefers to be looked after by its own mother, not in a creche or day care centre.

In return for this treatment baby will in time put mama in an old folk's home - a human junk yard.

This is the consequence feminist revolution.

Now they feminazis are getting lazy and want to bump their charges off in old folk's home and call it Assisted Dying.

Bad sign when women start wearing men's clothes because this is just a prelude to them taking over the functions of men.

Women lose their femininity and become unattractive to men. When she loses her femininity she loses her fertility.

Surrogacy costs US$70,000 in the US but only US$4,000 in Indonesia.

1:13 "Men and women will be having sex in public like donkeys and their children will be bastards."

If your wife or daughter won't conform to Allah's teachings then get rid of them or they will take you into hell-fire.

Then he quotes the wife-beating verse.

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