Sunday, 13 September 2015

Next generation of the elderly will be skint/childless/abandoned by their children/family

If suicide is forbidden then it would be wrong to expect doctors to assist and abet suicide. The Koran explicitly forbids suicide, as you can see at

If we want to do something we are not supposed to do, then we should not really involve other people, especially senior professionals.

You already know that such a rule would be ripe for exploitation from greedy relatives and wives too lazy to nurse.

Since I think the NHS should be abolished the best way of dealing with the problem is to withdraw healthcare from the retired and the unemployable.

Those who want to check out at a time appointed by themselves will have a government check-out service, so to speak.

You get to stay in a waiting room type of hospice where you will be treated well while any loved ones you may have (or mention in your will) can get in touch to visit you to pay you their last respects before you check out. The date will be announced in a publication called the Death Gazette.

If you have no one at all, you will still be treated kindly for about one week and encouraged to tell stories about your life which will be recorded in a book and archived for the benefit of social historians.

Then, the Soylent Green death bed scene.

Alternatively, a pack of pills with a poison pill in it could be just the trick. You can have a week of them or even a month's supply.

You could have a week of pills with a poison pill at the end of the week/month, OR, randomly inserted like Russian Roulette to make things more unpredictable and dramatic.

You just have get two doctors to say you are in your right mind when you declare your wish to go on this course of poison pills.

The person who administers this pill must be someone who has nothing to gain from the death of the patient ie not a beneficiary of the patient's will. A Grim Reaper Agency could undertake the task of administering this course of pills to the patient if  he or she is unable to take the pill himself or herself. All that is required is a for the agent of the Grim Reaper to visit the patient every day to administer the pill, and this service will have been paid for in advance by the patient.

A male MP asked "Who does it benefit?"

Assisted Dying benefits wives more than husbands, women more than men, since nursing is women's work and allowing assisted dying would save more wives the trouble of nursing their husbands than vice versa. It also benefits the welfare state by expanding its scope over the lives of citizens.

The Koran proves its wisdom by forbidding suicide. If it is performed discreetly by a sympathetic family doctor, then no one would know or mind, would they?

Caroline Spelman:

"Even if we consider assisted dying to be acceptable in some circumstances, the law should not be changed. Assisted dying should be the absolute exception not the rule and, in practice, the law as it stands has seldom been used to convict anyone for assisting someone else to die."

NHS still using Death Pathway despite 'ban' with charity warning that controversial end-of-life programme is merely operating under 'a different name' A cancer charity claims the NHS is using a controversial 'Death Pathway' Patients are being sedated and then refused food and water until death Studies show that patients on the death pathway last on average 29 hours

Financial inducements to NHS trusts
In October 2012 figures released under the Freedom of Information Act showed that some two thirds of NHS trusts had received incentive payments for meeting "targets" for using the LCP, and that such payments totalled £12 million or more.
End of life care for adults

It seems we already have euthanasia so what is the big fat fuss about? The ones who clamour for it are attention-seeking whingers who think they do not fit into this category and want something special just for themselves so they can feel special, methinks. Pandering to the egotism of these people surely cannot be the role of the legislature, who should be discussing more urgent matters such as the abolition of the welfare state, leaving NATO, repealing the Equality and Equal Pay Acts, discussing what constitutes the long term national interest and whether the operation of representative democracy prevents our politicians from formulating and implementing policies that actually serve it.  


CH said...

I think I'd prefer being gassed. Quick and painless.

Claire Khaw said...

The point of proposing the methods I have proposed is that they are reversible and allows you to the opportunity of changing your mind after a period of consideration.

As a Secular Koranist, I would recriminalise suicide because that would be in line with Koranic principles.