Thursday, 10 September 2015

Politicians tell citizens to welcome migrants because they can't defend their countries against *unarmed* men

BBC sends only pro-migrant female journalists to report on migrant swarms

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EY said...

I've been talking to one of my mild mannered sources who left work with a headache after having yet another demanding on benefits Muslim man screeching down the phone at her. You see, the problem is with this type of refugee, they're ungrateful entitlement mentality bastards who breed prolifically and then want institutions such as schools to help get them bigger houses. This is standard. Idiots on here who think this is race related need to get on the frontline where my sources have to deal with these parasites daily. The behaviour being broadcast is what's coming to a city near you. What makes people think they're going to change their behaviour? Why for example should they change when Germany gave them a welcome befitting heroes? My sources have to deal with people who came here as refugees and have chosen to adopt parasite status. So excuse us who know what's really going on while we express.