Monday, 7 September 2015

Simon Sheppard's Sex and Power and migrant swarms

 Coming to Britain soon.

I was talking to my parents over the weekend and they were both genuinely concerned about Europe, and they don't even live here. They were concerned about Europe being the Europe they knew and enjoyed on holiday and Europeans staying European.

Even the foreigner is more concerned about European identity than Europeans themselves.

Europe is in the grip of mass hysteria piling up its own funeral pyre while its inhabitants cheer, egged on by the female-dominated media.

The hysteria is induced by white middle class women in control of the European media.

In time these migrants will defenestrate these women in places of influence they have no business being in. Western men are cowed by these harridans but these Muslim migrants will know what to do with them, in time.

Remember the story of The Fisherman and His Wife. Western man is of course the fisherman and the Whore of Babylon is his wife.

Second printing of Sex and Power

Photo of 'Sex and Power' front cover

Simon Sheppard's Sex and Power - the book every man should read, and every father gift to his son after he loses access to his children and control over his son's upbringing when his wife divorces him under the rules of no fault divorce.

Simon Sheppard:

The Feminine Mind
"While females prefer feelings, intuition and ambiguity, males prefer logic, rationality and precision."

The Fisherman and His Wife

"Females know no limit. They do not check their own behaviour but rely on others to do it for them [like children]. Females make unreasonable demands to test and extend their power. They do not limit the excesses of other females but will exploit whatever gains their excessive behaviour achieves. The answer to the question 'What will women do?' is 'Whatever they can get away with.' Females are never satisfied."

Feminine Influence on the Affairs of Men Dysgenic
"The reality is that modern woman's contribution to progress is minor and what advances there have been relied entirely on systems and technology developed by males. Their net influence is profoundly dysgenic. Western societies are not evolving, but regressing.

White middle class Guardianista females in control of British media
Instincts are the source of emotion and emotion is the ultimate engine of behaviour. What is happiness but the contented satisfaction of our basic desires? But emotions can be manipulated, and human groups vary greatly in their susceptibility to manipulation. Given the existence, if not the prevalence, of false emotions we would be wise to confront our many societal dysfunctions, and particularly to identify their origin, with rational minds and cool heads."

Feminine Hypocrisy
"Females always reduce everything to the personal. Further, females are superficial [and sentimental], because this is consistent with hypocrisy."

Women Have No Sense of Humour
"Females have no sense of humour. Women often define OCC (Our Cosy Circle) by deriding someone they wish to exclude from it. They can discourage true humour because males use it to distribute information and dissipate neurosis, and it is in the female interest to maintain the male in as high a state of neurosis as possible. By disallowing humour on particular themes taboos can be instituted. Then the perception of a topic can be altered to suit unstated goals.

Women Hate Wisdom, Experience and Bald Men
"The modern phenomenon of relatively youthful, physically attractive political leaders, and having a large proportion of the electorate still undecided a few weeks before an election, are both evidence of a feminised society. Other indications are bloated bureaucracies and undue emphasis on avoiding risk. It has been claimed that due to the female vote balding politicians of any stripe are virtually unelectable. The last bald British Prime Minister was Churchill (1951) and no bald American president has been elected sine Eisenhower (1953). An interesting comparison can be made with the practice of some American Indian tribes, who would elect a chief solely on the length of his hair."

Female Neurosis Source of Male Neurosis or Cherchez la Femme
"Elevated female influence results in great emphasis being placed on emotion. Females have not historically inhibited their own or each others' instincts; the male performed this role, and without his influence irrational fears will flourish. A reinforcing cycle of fear will be established. The more latitude the female is allowed, the more her capricious instincts will be expressed, the more she will project her nature onto the male and the more insecure of his intentions she will become.
When males see females unreservedly following their instincts they will want to do the same, indeed the absence of inhibition by females has a pervasive effect which makes male suppression of their impulses an increasingly arduous burden. Males will also find it increasingly difficult not to show their emotions, putting them at a disadvantage in their interactions with females. Of course a man who follows his instincts without self-restraint would very rapidly find himself imprisoned."

Women More Interested in Displaying Indiscriminate Compassion Than Understanding National Affairs
"The ability to logically compartmentalize give the male greater capacity to understand societal dynamics, and the conflicting and complementary forces within it. The female emphasis on personality and her inclination towards familial concerns severely limit her appreciation of national affairs."

Feminazis Have Curtailed Free Speech
"The free and uninhibited interchange of ideas, including discussion of racial and sexual differences, is a prerequisite for a healthy, mature and truly democratic society."

Feminazis Despise Beta Males and Probably Want to Euthanase and Exterminate Them Because They Are Poor, Lower Class, Ugly and Not Sexy
"In a highly feminine environment females can fall into a belief, then an insistence, that their feelings are precious, invariably valid and paramount, while male sensibilities can be dismissed as inconsequential. This has been dubbed emotional fascism."

SSMs [Slut Single Mothers] are Social Parasites

"Male policy is to create wealth, female policy to consume it. In Holland, females accounted for 70% of the welfare budget."

Why Females Prefer Immigrant Males

Prognosis for the Future

"Female avoidance of risk means that radical solutions to society's problems will be abhorred, even when such radicalism is necessary. Feminised societies are intrinsically unstable, with the result that large shifts can take place relatively quickly.
1. The super-masculine state [eg ISIS] dominates;
2. The super-feminine state [eg the EU] becomes extinct.

Will the female-dominated media be inviting me for an interview any time soon? I am surely saying something important, urgent and relevant, but of course not. They would want to suppress my ideas and all the men in the media are terrified of a false and malicious accusation of sexual harassment, misogyny, rape or a historic sexual offence that will lose them their jobs, promotions or wives and family. You won't find charming, clever, articulate me in the media any time soon because these women don't want you to see how charming, witty, articulate and clever I can be, because they have no answer to anything I have said and only want to make their men invite migrants into their bedrooms and then leave them to it.

Make no mistake, every time these feminised male politicians accede to their demands they are even more despised by their women than previously.  Look at what this bitch Michelle Carter did to this man, and he did it too, just to please her. Time to make sure your male politicians don't become this man, don't you think? Even Nigel Farage cried his crocodile tears over the migrants, so all is lost.

Why do male politicians cry for TV? Because they think female viewers are their mummy while male viewers are quietly being sick. Of course, male politicians count the preferences of their male voters at nothing because they are  not part of the capricious and crucial female vote they need to be elected or stay in office, but what woman would respect retard male politicians who think female viewers are their mummy? So now you know why they invite migrants into their country: so they have the chance of having better and more fun "playmates". Democracy is dementia under indiscriminate universal suffrage, and Western civilisation is doomed.

BBC sends only pro-migrant female journalists to report on migrant swarms

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