Thursday, 3 September 2015

Male politicians even more vulnerable to emotional manipulation than their voters

Women who are single and looking tend to make indiscriminate displays of compassion because they think men prefer women who are stupid and kind.

They don't really mean it, but they feel they have to do this because they know men would be put off by rational and ruthless women with a will of iron, like me, perhaps.

Imagine if you were trying to manipulate a powerful lunatic, imbecile or a capricious woman of low intelligence and morals. You would have to find out their preferences and pander to them. Indeed, you would have to change your behaviour and mirror their behaviour and thinking in order to appease and manipulate them.

However, the danger of this is that you end up becoming like the capricious irrational and immoral slut, lunatic or imbecile you are trying to manipulate.

What will happen to your society if the rest of the world knows that no one is in charge and that the nation's perceived alpha male is even more vulnerable to emotional manipulation than his voters?

Even Nigel Farage has softened his message against migrants as a result of the publication of that photo of that drowned boy.

What do you think happens to dementia sufferers, stupid sluts and imbeciles?

They would be exploited, cheated, used and abused.

This is what is happening to the West now, because no Western nation has an alpha male leading them because you cannot be an alpha male if you are afraid to criticise the worst of your women - SSMs, who are lower than prostitutes.

If there is no official alpha male who dares to criticise SSMs (Slut Single Mothers with illegitimate offspring) who are lower than prostitutes, then we live in a matriarchy, and all matriarchies without exception are primitive or declining societies. (SSMs are lower than prostitutes because prostitutes at least have the virtue of making men pay for sex and giving them a price up front, unlike sluts who pretend it is free but load it with all kinds of hidden charges for the man they are transacting with and society in general. Men must always be made to pay for sex because free slut sex corrupts their characters and turns them into men afraid of sluts in just the way a drug addict would be afraid of his drug dealer no longer selling him the drug to which he is addicted. Marriage for men is always the riskiest and most expensive form of sex, even in the days of the patriarchy.)

British politicians stopped criticising SSMs in 1974 when Keith Joseph's career was destroyed in 1974 after his Edgbaston speech for talking about them destroying "our human stock". Male MPs have not criticised SSMs for 41 years and they are not suddenly going to start now since they are even more castrated now than they were in 1974.

Even Peter Hitchens, Britain's foremost Conservative thinker, won't criticise sluts because his late mother was an adulterous suicide. If the sins of the fathers are visited on their sons, then so does the weight of a mother's adultery cripple her son's ability to denounce her sin and those of others like her.

Tom Harris the former MP for Labour, didn't get away with it either.

This is why male politicians are stupider and more vulnerable to emotional manipulation than their voters whom they presume to lead. These so called leaders are still pandering to the lowest, stupidest and most hypocritical of women still looking to trick a man into a relationship with them by pretending to be stupid and kind.

The trouble with democracy in an environment of indiscriminate universal suffrage is that the preferences of the beta male have been entirely marginalised. All political parties chase the female vote precisely because it is capricious but crucial to being elected and staying in office.

(Why are beta males important? They are important because they do most of the work and are the ones whose lives are sacrificed if there is a war. Beta males are still important even if sluts don't fancy them and will cheat on them at the first opportunity because those of them who think "A few minutes of alpha is better than a lifetime of beta" would still be maintained by the welfare state paid for out of the taxes of the beta male for making this "lifestyle choice". If beta males are demoralised and marginalised then very little work will be done and even defensive wars cannot be won. It is of course the beta male who objects to immigration.)  

So this is the basis on which our much-vaunted democracy rests - the preferences and unstated agenda of stupid, immoral and irresponsible sluts with the vote whom male politicians dare not criticise because they know they cannot be reasoned with. We live in a declining and morally degenerate matriarchy all right.

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