Monday, 12 October 2015

Claire Khaw championed in vain Helen Goodman's right to speculate on Jeremy Hunt's wife's reasons for coming to England

My tweet in response to Helen Goodman's asking "If China is so great why did Jeremy Hunt's wife come to England?"on Sunday evening 11 October 2015.

Deborah Orr:

"Of course, what Hunt admires about China and the US is not the superior character of its citizens, but the fear of absolute penury that forces them to survive on the wages that the market declares them to be worth. Self-respect, for him, is simply acceptance of the low financial value that capitalism places on your time and your skills. Self-respect, in Hunt’s book, is actually respect for him, for the system that he champions and for the judgments that system makes on you."

Feminism, the welfare state, and insane foreign policy that provokes terrorism from Muslim radicals are trashing the UK.

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