Friday, 2 October 2015

Do you know the answer to the questions I have asked Arron Banks?

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LG said...

1. No idea.

2. I think he meant non-partisan.

3. He can. It has been mentioned before, though, that a non-politician (perhaps a business leader) should lead the Out campaign.

4. I don't know who Banks would want as UKIP leader, but I can't see any convincing replacement for Farage at the moment. Carswell as far too in the centre for my liking (pro-immigration, pro-feminist, and even pro-asylum-seeker). I like Suzanne Evans a lot, but I'm not sure she's radical enough.

5. I am anti-feminist, so I naturally like your painting of a post-Brexit Britain, but I believe the Out campaign should focus heavily on sovereignty, since not all anti-EU voters share this vision of the country's future. I recommend watching Dr Richard North's videos on ‘Flexit’ — and ultimately why media consumption of inscrutable economic arguments will lead the No side to certain defeat.

6. I don't know whether Banks regards the EU as a liberal empire, but UKIP itself is a party rooted in liberal ideas, like all contemporary political parties in this country.

7. I wouldn't like the idea because, as I said above, Brexit can only be achieved by an emphasis on sovereignty.

8. Yes.

9. It makes no sense for a leftie to lead the Out campaign, but I would certainly encourage cross-party, cross-ideology support for the campaign, which would mean working with socialists of the Tony Benn type to achieve our goal.

10. The electorate will be mind-boggled and dragged down to the point of avoiding the subject if we bombard them with the anti-EU debate too early.

11. I haven't read or listened to his work in depth, but it sounds reasonable.

12. Most people, including men, are feminists. That will be certain death for the Brexit campaign. Fight this issue on its own merits.

13. I don't object to immigration being used in the argument for populist reasons.