Sunday, 11 October 2015

God, marriage and Western civilisation

The Roman birth rate fell when the Roman Empire was declining and falling. A falling birth rate is a signifier of a decline in the ability and numbers of married men available to exercise good husbandry over their women.

Make no mistake, a lower birth rate is the consequence of degeneracy, and degeneracy is the consequence of prioritising the right to have recreational sex over the duty to have legitimate offspring as well as producing a heir and a spare. Degenerate societies are invariably senescent and effeminate.

Even if we all replaced ourselves and all married and had a son and a daughter, women would eventually predominate because women live longer than men, unless this is dealt with using sati - the Hindu tradition of widow burning.

Those who are concerned about immigration should note that in Calais there are hardly any young people and certainly more old women than old men. This explains the inability of Calais to repel invaders.

The purpose of marriage is to have legitimate offspring, so that the quality of the next generation is maintained and not worse than the current one, and therefore the best they possibly can be. This duty to have legitimate offspring is linked to the attempt by a nation's government to maintain its ability to fight a successful defensive war.

While there are some who blame the increasing feminisation of society to material causes such as oestrogen in the water, feminisation is caused by policies tolerating extramarital sex. Extramarital sex is of course forbidden in both the Bible and the Koran which treats it as a sexual offence attracting corporal and even capital punishment.

We can most easily understand God by knowing what His laws are, and we can most easily please Him by obeying them and divining their purpose. Even if we do not really believe in the literal existence of God, we should have no difficulty identifying the evils His laws were intended to discourage and prevent ie degeneracy. The problem of degeneracy will always remain as long as the next generation require sexual reproduction to come into being.

We are degenerate if we are morally, materially, intellectually and physically inferior to our parents. If we are legitimate but our offspring are illegitimate, we are degenerate. If we are gay and cannot bring ourselves to marry a spouse of the opposite sex with whom to have legitimate offspring, then we are also degenerate.

God if He exists intended for us to obey His laws and rewards those who most faithfully and rationally obey His laws with success in warfare. It is the Koran that states His laws most briefly and clearly compared to the Old and New Testament.

Only Christian and Western chauvinism prevents degenerate politicians who have been marinating in porn and morally corrupting feminism for decades. This degeneracy they already suffer from also prevents them from acknowledging that their society is degenerate. This means they cannot bring themselves to discuss, let alone implement policies that would bring about the moral regeneration of the West because democratic politicians already know that the overwhelming majority of their voters do not wish to give up what they regard as their inalienable human right to have extramarital sex and are too cowardly to persuade them otherwise.

The Abrahamic God is also the Roman God of War as well as the synthesis of the deities of the Greek and Roman pantheon. While Mars was the Roman God of War, Pallas Athene was the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War. In the end both the Greeks and Romans broke their own rules. The Greeks who prided themselves on their reason lost their reason when they succumbed to ruinous wars and warmongering, and the Romans who prided themselves on their hatred of kings and autocrats in time began to worship their emperors.

Great civilisations breaking the rules that made them great are of course well advanced in their journey on the road to perdition. Liberalism is no longer about free speech and rational discourse but about gay marriage and labelling anyone opposed to the legalisation of gay marriage as extremists and potential terrorists. Gay marriage is really no more than sanctifying a sexual offence, and analogous to repealing criminal laws to "solve" the problem of rising crime.

The West has now strayed so far from the baseline of morality that it has redefined both the institutions of family and marriage for the purposes of making their perversions legitimate in the eyes of their law. It is laughable that a family is now defined as capable of existing in any form other than children and their biological parents. The right to marry has now been extended to couples patently incapable of sexual reproduction with each other.

Gay marriage is conclusive evidence of degeneracy because its existence proclaims the government's intention of conferring equality on couples obviously not capable of sexual reproduction with each other and only interested in recreational sex with those who have taken the trouble of getting married before having legitimate children staying together to bring them up. As Aristotle said, the greatest injustice is treating unequal things equally.

Those who don't respect the rules of traditional marriage are invariably degenerate and will eventually defeated by people who do see the benefits of marriage and family and the necessity of enforcing a system of laws that protects these institutions.

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