Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Will Panorama succeed in stopping the witch-hunt on elderly and dead white men of the establishment?


"Mark" looks gay and is the most compelling interviewee. He was the one abused in the Grafton Close care home by the owner of it and his friend the Catholic priest. He has never been to Elm Guest House. It was in his own care home where the abuse took place.

He was a pretty boy, small for his age. He and another boy were the owner's favourites.

Man who worked at Elm Guest House briefly in the 1980s didn't recall any high profile visitors. He said he would have recognised him.

Chris Fay - the old man who insisted he had seen the compromising photographs of Leon Brittan in an apron was previously convicted for fraud connected with shares.

Peter Saunders appears to trust the CPS which is run by an unashamed feminazi implicitly.

But then Peter Saunders is from the National Association of People Abused in Childhood.

Lord MacDonald former DPP 2003 - 2008 speaks out against these police investigations and doubts their impartiality.

No reports of murders or runnings over of schoolboys in Kingston at the time.

" ... and a first name and .... "

"I could never be 100% sure it were Dolphin Square, not really, no. I can only be ... I can only be sure about ... I can only think I'm sure ... in my mind if people say 'Yes, you're right, it is, it is Dolphin Square, so really it came from other people, not from me, because I never said properly back in 1990, being honest, I never said Dolphin Square." 
What about the man 'David' identified as one of his abusers Leon Brittan?

"The surname came out of Chris Fay's mouth, and I just went along with it. I identified him with a photograph, but there again, he were a well-known MP and I might have seen him on TV through the years and stuff and I might have just gotten confused."
The police interviewed David for 50 hours but didn't pursue the case. They didn't consider Darren's evidence to be significant either.

Then a WOMAN called Jane accused Leon Brittan about an alleged incident in 1967. She claimed she had been raped in his basement flat; Leon Brittain lived in a top floor flat. Tom Watson took on her case even though she wasn't one of his constituents. All who could have corroborated her evidence contradicted it.

Watson says the evidence he gave to the police has resulted in three successful prosecutions. Appeal, appeal!

Ian McFadyen who was sexually abused and went to the same prep school as Francis Wheen, Deputy of Private Eye says:

"Do I think some people have used us a step politically upwards? Yes, I do."

Ends with Peter Spindler saying they all can't be making it up.

Lord MacDonald criticises Tom Watson's risky behaviour.

I know most people want to think they did it, and would happily punish them even if they actually knew they didn't do it. That is how much politicians are hated and held in contempt. This is something they should reflect on as they go about their business.

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