Friday, 18 December 2015

What can be done to save America from its politicians and political system?

Nobody is really in charge of America because the political classes in reality have very little power and are at the beck and call of the lobbyists.

Can you imagine a dictator being told what to do by the arms manufacturers? He would soon tell them where to go.

It has always been a fallacy that democracies are always more peaceful than dictatorships. Athens was not exactly peaceable, nor did its democracy last very long. Whatever the nature of the government, it will find itself wanting to assert itself, show off and posture when it feels itself to be weak and losing power.  Failing empires who call themselves democracies are just a likely to do this as any petty tyrant in a tinpot dictatorship. Think of short men who take on larger than life personalities to over-compensate for their lack of height.

In any group 51% of its members are stupider than the other 49%. In a democracy, we submit to this majority of the stupid.

Indeed, a democracy only works if all voters are wise, and we already know that most voters are venal, morally corrupt, ignorant, intellectually lazy and easily led.

A wise ruler with wise advisers would best be able to keep the lobbyists and other enemies of society at bay, but not members of a political class riven with factionalism trying to do outdo each other while worrying about their status and the income that needs to go with it.

Can you imagine, for example, a Caliph being at the beck and call of his arms manufacturers? Granted, Hitler and Mussolini were hardly peaceable in their urgency to build their empires, but then again Franco had no interest in foreign adventures nor did Salazar. The Chinese one-party system would be best for the Americans. It will be interesting to see the debates they will have when they decide to change their constitution and abolish their oligarchy.

Dictator Trump would be a hopeful start, since the Americans already clearly adore him.

Does China Produce More Competent Leaders Than America?

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