Friday, 18 December 2015

Michael Voris: "The Catholic Church has a homosexual priest problem."

This mindset — this lackluster, lukewarm, status quo, never-rock-the-boat approach — is destroying the Church from within. Men like Cdl. Dolan are allowed to pass over scandals and ignore them because they know they will never be called out or challenged by those milquetoast lackeys more concerned about their careers and money than the truth and souls.

This is exactly how the whole homosexual priest sex abuse scandal went on for so long, this same attitude. Homosexual men have infiltrated the Church for decades, and whether they intended to or not — some did probably, others not — they have been part of a destruction of the Faith that staggers the mind. And their accomplices among the hierarchy are even more staggering. The very men consecrated to protect and love the sheep have abandoned them for every corruption conceivable. The silence around this evil, the participation in these evils, the refusal and denial of so many regarding this evil, shows how deeply the diabolical has dug its way into the Church.

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