Thursday, 10 December 2015

Petition PEACEFULLY for a Caliphate by Referendum!

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My petition:
Debate the feasibility of establishing a Caliphate by referendum.
ISIS are threatening to impose a Caliphate and fly the flag of Islam in Downing Street. Should we jump before we are pushed?
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Irrespective of whether you are Muslim or even want a Caliphate, wouldn't it just be great to see Parliament debate the pros and cons of having a Caliphate?

A Caliph would be a kind of constitutional monarch or dictator. (Yes, it is logically possible to have a constitutional dictator if it is possible to have a constitutional monarch! What is a king but a dictator in all but name? A constitutional monarch is a monarch limited by the constitution, and a Caliph would be a constitutional monarch (or dictator, if you prefer) limited by what the Koran allows.

Now that I have put it this way, it doesn't sound quite so frightening, does it?

As for the atrocities that ISIS have committed, you will doubtless be aware that the French Revolutionaries did their fair share of beheadings too, and after a while they calmed down under the dictatorship of Napoleon Bonaparte who crowned himself emperor.

If you ask a Frenchman what he thinks of the French Revolution, all you would get is a Gallic shrug and the comment that "Nothing has changed."

Did you know that the French are now on their Fifth Republic? If they change their constitution again it will be their Sixth Republic. If they were using sharia law, would they be changing their constitution as often as they change underwear? God's laws are eternal and universal, and won't need such constant correction. Wouldn't it be nice for us to all settle down after knowing and being told what's what and where we all are in society? You betcha!

Think of all the exciting Saturday evenings the British Nation would enjoy choosing a Caliph through a TV show called Britain's Got a Caliph.

Sign my petition and let the fun begin!

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