Thursday, 31 December 2015

Questions about Christianity Alister McGrath does not address

Alister McGrath: Why faith makes sense. The Highfield Lectures (Edited) from on Vimeo.

  1. How is the idea that Christ is simultaneously God Himself and His son intelligible and coherent?
  2. How is Christianity more intelligible and coherent than Judaism and/or Islam?
  3. How is Christianity doing compared to Judaism and Islam?
  4. Has Christianity become associated with the ideology of the West who want to spread the abomination of gay marriage all over the world?
  5. Both C S Lewis and J R Tolkein are children's writers. Why would any intelligent adult think these two writers of children's fiction have anything interesting or authoritative to say about Christianity?
  6. McGrath seems to be saying that it is just a matter of choosing the story you prefer. The exercise of reason must surely be more than just such an individual and subjective preference.
  7. The best stories of the Bible are in the Old Testament. you agree with this, does that mean you should choose Judaism as your religion? 
  8. There are no good stories at all in the New Testament.
  9. What about stories in the Koran?
  10. Should you choose your religion on the basis of the stories you like to hear or choose your religion on the rules you think society should best live by?
  11. Is Christianity the religion of the neocons, which Islamic State has more or less declared war against?

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