Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The sagacious Paul Craig Roberts gives advice to Western politicians they would do well to heed

7:48 "Trump's popularity is because he is not associated with the political sector ... not that he knows what to do or has any advisers who know what to do."

"Political change cannot come within the current political system."

10th minute - Marine Le Pen would either be assassinated or her character assassinated. Dominique Strauss-Kahn was taken out.

12th minute - Jeremy Corbyn faces mutiny from the Armed Forces if he were to become Prime Minister.

Left-wing parties behave like right-wing parties once they are in office.

Capitalism turns everything into a commodity that can be bought and sold.

18th minute - "The law is only applied to the helpless."

American people incapable of recognising leadership.

1st minute "Nixon was removed." He was accused of selling out to the Commies because he was too much of peace-nik, and did all sorts of things for ordinary people eg EPA. It is so easy to stifle a good President. JFK taken out for the same reason.

5th minute - Kerry, Putin, Syria.

13th minute - "The Neocons have been going for decades. They are in the Pentagon, the military and the media." John Kerry eating crow.

16th minute - Kissinger and Brzezinski were Cold Warriors, but they are not neocons. The neocons are actually evil.

17th minute - Putin keeps asking the US "Do you know what you have done?" Not only did the US create ISIS, they are buying their oil.

18th minute - The Pentagon have run 16 war games and lost every single one of them to Russia.

19th minute- US weaponry doesn't even work. The Russian stuff works.

21st minute - "If the Russians were neocons they could wipe us off the face of the earth with no cost to themselves." They keep relying on diplomacy and telling the truth.

22nd minute - "The Russians will stick with diplomacy as long as they can risk trusting America."

23rd minute - Goldman Sachs might just tell Hillary to lay off the rhetoric, if there is someone intelligent there and doesn't want WW3.

4th minute - Kerry should demand Obama fire Victoria Nuland.

12th minute - Nothing in it for the US vassal states of the Europe when Russia finally loses patience.

13th minute - Stampede out of NATO.

14th minute - Refugee crisis being blamed on the mainstream parties.

15th minute - Neocons now turning their attention towards confronting China.

17th minute - "We must acknowledge our problems. You to be an American in Washington or in the media to be that stupid."

18th minute - "My readership is three times the New York Times'. The United States becoming a despised place. Everything has turned against us. We are a house of cards without friends with bought and paid for puppets whose allegiance is now in doubt." It is a  joke that we are a superpower, that we have values, that we are a democracy. We are the most despised and the least trusted."

21st minute - "American people are clueless. They live in The Matrix."

22nd minute - "Cui bono? The neocons. 9/11 is the new Pearl Harbour. When things have quietened down, something more happens eg Charlie Hebdon, San Bernardino .... "

23rd minute "Putin in complete control. Obama backing Kerry to calm things down. Then we'll probably have another false flag attack. They will blame ISIS or Russia. Every neocon is a fanatic."

27th minute - "McCain a low-grade moron"

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