Thursday, 14 January 2016

Inviting support for terrorism

The charges relate to a string of social media posts said to have been made between June 29 2014 and March 6 last year when it is alleged both Choudary and Rahman sought to validate the legitimacy of the 'Caliphate'.

They also urged others to support or obey Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-styled leader of ISIL, and travel to territory controlled by the barbaric regime, it is said.

This does read like an exhortation to all Muslims to join Islamic State. Perhaps he will say all he meant to do was express his opinion about Islamic State, and it was up to his listeners to accept or reject his opinion.

The Caliphate would have no legitimacy unless and  until it became a member of the UN, whatever his opinion on it.

There are plenty who hate Choudary and to those he will have no moral authority over them at all. Those who approve of him and admire him - a minority within a minority - would have pinned their colours to his mast and have already have had their passports confiscated by the police, probably.

This is just an item of information and is neither here nor there.

It is not illegal to travel to Syria, is it?

Or is it only illegal to travel to Syria if you are Muslim?


Proscription makes it a criminal offence to:

  • belong, or profess to belong, to a proscribed organisation in the UK or overseas (section 11 of the Act);
  • invite support for a proscribed organisation (and the support is not, or is not restricted to the provision of money or other property) (section 12(1));
  • arrange, manage or assist in arranging or managing a meeting in the knowledge that the meeting is to support or further the activities of a proscribed organisation, or is to be addressed by a person who belongs or professes to belong to a proscribed organisation
  • (section 12(2)); or to address a meeting if the purpose of the address is to encourage support for, or further the activities of, a proscribed organisation (section 12(3)); and
  • wear clothing or carry or display articles in public in such a way or in such circumstances as arouse reasonable suspicion that an individual is a member or supporter of the proscribed organisation (section 13).

What triggers a terrorism arrest?

Article 10 Human Rights Act 1998 - Freedom of Expression

s 12 Terrorism Act 2000 - inviting support

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