Thursday, 21 January 2016

Julie Bindel and Belinda Brooks-Gordon discuss decriminalising prostitution and my Koranic solution

If the listeners of Woman's Hour were criminalised, would the crime rate go down and evil and sin diminish significantly in the West? I rather think it would.

The confusing discussion between decriminalising prostitution,whether for both men and women or only women begins at the 33rd minute.

Julie Bindel wants the supply of sex to be controlled by fornicating sluts who pretend it is for free but load the service they provide with all kinds of expensive hidden charges for men eg CSA. Belinda Brooks-Gordon believes in protecting honest prostitutes (ie women who sell sex by giving an up-front price before the service is provided) by decriminalising prostitution for both men and women in designated areas believing that doing so would result in fewer prostitutes being murdered by their punters. Bindel basically doesn't care if more prostitutes are murdered by their punters as long as fornicating sluts control the supply of sex.

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