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When Merkel falls, the EU will disintegrate

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has said the government must consider changes in the law, after a wave of attacks on women in Cologne on New Year's Eve. Dr Andrea Den Boer is a Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the University of Kent and a specialist in gender and international relations and the causes and consequences of violence against women.

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A large demonstration is expected outside the train station in Cologne today by the anti-Islam group Pegida protesting against assaults on women in the city on New Year's Eve. More than half of the known suspects are asylum seekers and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she supports changing the law to make it easier to deport migrants convicted of committing crime. We are joined now from the radio car by Dr Andrea Den Boer, Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the University of Kent. She specialises in gender and the causes and consequences of violence against women. Do you believe yjsy there is a link between large numbers of migrants and crime, particularly crimes against women?


This is really a new area for us. I've been doing research on high sex ratio societies for the past 20 years with my colleague Valerie Hudson and what we find in many societies is that this transition of young adult men into having a stake in society is one of the important tasks that every society needs to accomplish, and when you have large numbers of men who aren't able to make that transition through employment, marriage and other types of behaviours then these societies are at risk for high levels of anti-social behaviour including formation of gangs, increased substance abuse, violent crime and in particular crimes against women.


Which societies have you looked at?


We've studied for example China and India where of course you have vast numbers of these types of unattached men who engage in this type of behaviour, so in China for example we are looking at a population of 40 million men without corresponding females in their society and their age group. India - similar sorts of numbers, so in these societies that type of behaviour is very easy to observe. We haven't observed the same kind of behaviour being introduced into democratised societies that had a sex balance, so this is rather a new phenomenon, but it seems clear that the migrants in Germany who are present in such large numbers - up to perhaps one million - predominantly men and predominantly young adult males - they seem to be exhibiting the same type of behaviour that we find in these sorts of gangs and marginalised groups within China, India and other parts of the world.

MH [very carefully, and this is why I love Mishal Husain]:

Does that mean that you don't believe that what appears to have happened in Germany is about the culture or the religion that the migrants have come from?


It is not predominantly about their culture or religion, no, because our findings hold cross-nationally: young adult males, especially unattached young adult males, who remain on the margins of societies, monopolise violence in every human society.


Because they are away from their families? They are outside societal norms?


They are outside societal norms. What we don't know about the bachelors, the unattached, or the migrants, rather, in Germany and other parts of Europe is whether they are all single. We don't have statistics on their marital status but it seems as if they do mimic these same sorts of behaviour because they are away from their families and therefore are in that same kind of marginalised position and aren't able to transition in society, aren't able to form the normal relationships that would mitigate these behaviours so they are behaving in that same sort of way - as unattached, marginal men.


I want to play you a clip that we found when we talked to a Syrian migrant called Hassan. He is in Sweden at the moment. He's been there a few months and here's what he said was the attitude of some of his fellow migrants have about women.

[Hassan's voice:]

I am in Sweden. I can do whatever I like. The government here, what can it do? Send me to prison one year? I spend six months in prison, Six months, out. And the prison is better than the camp. [SARDONIC LAUGH] So there is some people thinking like this.

Dr Den Boer, that does suggest that though that is a part that is circumstantial there may be a part that is cultural: "I am in Sweden now; I can do whatever I like."


Well, there is evidence in Germany and in many of the refugee centres young men have made similar sorts of points and in fact the mayors of towns all across Germany have warned parents that they need to be aware of some of these cultural differences that these men are encountering women who are not dressed as modestly as they would have been back in their own countries and this may incite further anti-social behaviour among the men. So this may be a factor in their behaviour we are seeing and one of the things that hasn't been fully reported in the press is the way in which violence against women in Cologne that erupted on New Year's Eve is not the only incident that has occurred in the past year. Similar acts of violence - though on a smaller scale - have been occurring up and down Germany with incidences of violence against women in the refugee centres themselves as well as examples of rape and sexual violence in the wider communities where these centres are found.



Three times, Mishal Husain - a Muslim herself - asked "Is it Islam that makes these migrants rapey?" and the answer is NO. Being marginalised, jobless and knowing you will never find a decent woman to marry makes men of all races and religions rapey. When you live on the edge, you take your pleasures as they come and live for the day. If you see a girl you can rape, you rape her, because you might as well, because tomorrow you may be in jail, beaten up or dead.

A lack of imagination, denial, a hubristic display of compassion to the wrong people, and it results in Merkel's fall from power, the exit of Germany from the EU, and the beginning of the end of liberal hegemony, thank God.

Would any male German politician have done what she did, and opened the floodgates so casually and thoughtlessly? Of course not.

A male German politician would have known it would not go down well at all, either in Germany or Europe. Indeed, even the liberals of Europe were aghast at her (but they self-censored).

Her husband must be a total jerk too, for taking such little interest in politics he didn't remonstrate with her, or having so little influence over her that even if he had remonstrated with her about opening the floodgates of feral migrants into Germany, it had absolutely no effect at all.

It also means, even more sadly, that European leaders are not fit to lead, especially if they are childless female crones like Merkel.

Now, Europe will rediscover why it was considered a good idea for men to have legitimate offspring as well as an heir and a spare, as well as keep women in their place, or they will be inviting the rest of the world and his dog into your home and you will be paying for the hospitality.

Now, Europe will rediscover why a woman has no place being a leader of men.  (What about Maggie Thatcher, you ask? What she did a man should have done, but real men in Britain were already extinct by the time Thatcher came to power in 1979.)

What did this stupid woman think she was doing when she told the migrants to come to Germany? Simon Sheppard would say she was indulging in Affection Beneath.

Now, Europe will discover why feminism has gone as far as it can go and must now necessarily retreat or be beaten back like the mad bitch she is.

Now, we will discover if European men are really so spineless, stupid and scared they will let this stupid old crone destroy the EU and destroy Germany.

If and when Merkel is toppled, the EU will break up. The whole fucking liberal project was always on a wing and a prayer anyway.

And if we were to discover that German men will take no action and call her to account for her grave error, the rest of the world will know what to think of Europe and conclude that they are imbeciles and retards, fit only to be invaded and exploited and their women molested.

Will the Americans be crazy enough to have a female President in 2016 though?

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