Thursday, 28 January 2016

Which is worse: MGTOW or Islamic State?

MGTOW = men who fuck sluts and will never marry

Sluts have turned Western men into MGTOWs and pre-MGTOWs. 

MGTOWs if they could would rather not have anything to do with women at all and have sex with sexbots instead. MGTOWs who want children would pay a surrogate. Can you imagine what the human society would be like after just two generations of this? Yep, this is the road to perdition that feminism has embarked on.

When that finishes, keep it running to learn the full horror of MGTOW.



"I want to be a part of the game changer which I think will be a combination of sex doll, oculus rift and filmed pornography. So with that being said I'm starting to research into the feasibility of building my own love doll with sensors in it that allows a man to interact with it while wearing an oculus rift headset. And have the actress respond with pre-recorded video footage when you touch the doll while wearing the headset. The sensors built into the doll will connect to the software and be interactive. I believe those three elements working together would be revolutionary. My academic background is in the development of new media technologies. That's what my degree is in and I'm glad that I can finally put that to some use. Isn't it ironic that I want to use ideas taught to me by feminist professors to spread feminism are now going to be used by me to liberate men. I want to call the system "The Liberator Doll." It's not just a doll but an interactive visual, physical and auditory experience. I want to install heaters in the unit to make it feel as warm as human flesh. I want it to have vagina sleeves that are not only easy to wash and maintain but also move and stimulate you better then the real thing. Think of it like taking your car through a car wash. Except in this case it would be a cock wash. The first step to making this happen is getting Oculus rift and making some content for it."


I propose a middle way: making it a requirement for those contemplating marriage to agree a marriage contract to abolish no fault divorce and repealing all totalitarian thoughtcrime feminist legislation viz The Equality Act 2010

The children of Islamic State would mostly not be bastards, but Western nations left only with sluts mating with MGTOWs would have mostly bastards for the next generation, who will be even more bastard and slut with each subsequent generation. 

Of the following, whose long term survival is more assured?

a) a society of mostly of bastards whose parents are SSMs (Slut Single Mothers) who are serially sexually abused by a string of their unfit mother's sexually abusive boyfriends (This social phenomenon together with free online porn and the morally rotten ideology of feminsm is the reason why most people in the West think there is a paedophile under every bush.) 


b) a society whose parents are mostly married and whose children are mostly legitimate growing up with their married parents

MGTOW is the terminal cancer you suffer from. Islamic State are just your natural ideological enemies. You are therefore more likely to be killed by the terminal cancer you already have sooner than you are from the harm your natural enemies intend to do to you.

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