Sunday, 17 January 2016

Why no Western man will fight feminism

1. White middle class women are now in charge.

2. White middle class women despise beta males.

3. While middle class women have more power than white middle class men. No fault divorce financially cripples a divorced man. The historic sexual offence and the way the law operates against men must paralyse him with fear at the thought that some gold-digger could say just anything and be believed, especially if he is worth suing.

4. White middle class men have no desire to protect the beta male. They have enough troubles of their own.

5. Beta males are the backbone of society because they do all the work and fight all the wars.

6. There are no alpha males in the West and therefore no one to protect the interests of beta males, for only a real alpha male is in a position to protect the interests of beta males. A real alpha male would not be afraid of proposing slut-shaming because he would already have an alpha female or is certain that he could easily attract a partner. In short, a real alpha male must be seen to be eligible, if he is not already married with a loyal wife.

7. No beta male will accept the authority of another, therefore beta males who are victims of feminism are reduced to behaving like powerless bickering women. There are no safe spaces for men either, not even gentlemen's clubs. Only the mosque offers them a sanctuary but most Western men are neither Muslims nor Freemasons.

8. The men who appear to be alpha males are only taking orders from beta females ie white middle class feminists in positions of influence.

9. There are no longer alpha males in the West, but there are males who have alpha male qualities. These men pretend to be alpha males but in reality take orders from beta females and would never consider sacrificing their privileges to protect the interests of beta males.

10. Male solidarity is no longer cultivated because mos schools are co-ed and the competition for pussy makes them think nothing of betraying each other in their scramble for a bit of skirt.

11. The moment any male tries to say any of the above they will be traduced and mocked.

12. The only person prepared to say these things in the West is me, but I am only a female with alpha male qualities, already demonised by the Western establishment for being unnatural because of my ruthless and unfeminine use of incontrovertible logic.

13. The only hope I have now is that a beta male with alpha male aspirations is persuaded by my ideas and takes this to the next step, knowing that he will have to sacrifice sex with sluts and, if he is married, harmonious relations with his wife and daughters if they are feminazis as well as loss of earnings and status, perhaps even his liberty.

14. Have you noticed that no male Conservative thinker or writer considered prominent or successful will even discuss the issues I raise? Certainly not Peter Hitchens or Roger Scruton. The former recently declared himself to be a feminist and the latter says his ideas mirror those of Christina H Sommers who refuses to denounce feminism. Men become like risk-averse women when they are old. Donald Trump - the last white hope - may also wish to give feminism a wide berth too as Mitt Romney did.

4:29 "Encouraged by women and feminists"

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