Saturday, 30 January 2016

Students should now shun Oxford or any other university that does not practise free speech

The reason for this?

Because their arts degrees will be absolutely worthless. Students will only be wasting three years of their live and possibly more with being force-fed PC Liberal indoctrination. Male students will have an increased probability of having a false rape allegation made against them.

Jacob Williams: No Offence‘Easily offended students reported me to the police’Watch Jacob Williams, editor of Oxford magazine No Offence, talk to spiked about campus censorship and fighting back for free speech.
Posted by spiked on Thursday, 28 January 2016 PC Libtard hypocrisy/cowardice always retreats when you hit them where it hurts.

By the way, the person responsible for the proposal to remove Rhodes' statue was a woman. Middle class men should take note of the extent to which middle class women hate them and the things they they hold dear.

The college’s governing body, led by its Provost Moira Wallace, also gave up its plan to remove the plaque of Rhodes.

Oriel College's disastrous first female Provost and her rather chequered history

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