Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Bad parenting and bad blood started WW1?

Cousins At War was another excuse to go through the family history of the Royals again. Those of us who know, know Britain didn't have to declare war on Germany. Did Britain lift a finger to save the French during the siege of Paris in 1870? Nope.

The German Ambassador in London couldn't believe Britain was entering WW1 "over a scrap of paper" - The Treaty of London 1839 - guaranteeing Belgian neutrality.

WW1 was caused by the Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassination, not George V declaring war on Wilhelm II after he had been naughty and annoyed his relations yet again.

I doubt that even if Wilhelm II had been exposed at birth that would have prevented Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassination.

It is breathtakingly dishonest of the British to blame Wilhelm II when it was Liberal Prime Minister Asquith who declared war on Germany in 1914 in the hope increasing the chances of the Liberal Party winning in the General Election of 2015 after a short successful war. When the war started to go really badly for Britain, the election was cancelled, as you would expect.

How old was Bismarck when he was sacked by Wilhelm II? 75. How old would he have have been in 1914? 99 years old, but apparently such a super statesman - as these historians seem to believe - that he would have been able to stop Kaiser in his tracks when he declared war on Britain ....

Listen to the British sneering at Wilhelm II in ‪#‎RoyalCousinsAtWar‬, blaming him for their rotten foreign policy which lost them their world empire.

When will the British take responsibility for the loss of their empire instead of forever blaming Germany and the Kaiser? "Look at what you made me do!" says Britain to Germany, for ever and ever ....

Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia (1859-1941), when Prince of Prussia

What was British foreign policy in WW1 & 2? Thwarting the Germans. What do British historians do? Blame the Germans, and never ever take responsibility for their insane foreign policy that lost them their world empire in thirty years.

The British now pretend they sacrificed their world empire to save the Jews. The Jews at least gained Israel, and the biggest loser of WW2 was Britain.

So, if Britain wants to blame the loss of their empire on something or someone they should blame the Liberal Party and Asquith who was Liberal Prime Minister of the time, as well as the operation of democracy.

Remember: British foreign policy is forged on the dunghill that is the indifference, ignorance and arrogance of the average voter on the subject. They are happy to believe any ill of foreigners, as long as they can feel that they or their leaders are not to blame. This policy continues to this day. Having lost their empire, the British are now proceeding to lose their marbles, driven mad by the depth of their folly and the extent of their loss. Their foreign policy seems to be double or quits until they they win or go broke. It is unlikely that they will win.

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