Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Religious and political control

“There are only two possible forms of control: one internal and the other external; religious control and political control. They are of such a nature that when the religious barometer rises, the barometer of external, i.e. political, control falls and likewise, when the religious barometer falls, the political barometer, that is political control and tyranny, rises. That is the law of humanity, a law of history.
If civilized man falls into disbelief and immorality, the way is prepared for some gigantic and colossal tyrant, universal and immense.”
Juan Donoso Cortés

Juan Donoso Cortés

Religious control is morality, political control is law.

The control being referred to is sexual restraint, which is dependent on the standards of sexual morality our laws maintain.

Even those who agree with me that our matriarchy needs to be overthrown will not be discussing feminism with each other. Worse, there are people who to this day pretend not to get what I say about feminism.

We live in a patriarchy if we live in a society that practises the rules of traditional marriage. A matriarchy is a society whose members are mostly sluts and bastards, incapable of exercising moral restraint and whose politicians no longer even know what the term means.

Even if beta males understood what I say and wished to once again support traditional marriage, they are men of no influence at all whatsoever, with no access to high places and who would be afraid to alienate even their lowly male associates. They do not trust their own powers of persuasion so they would much rather remain silent on this than risk an altercation with any of their peers.

The men who really still don't get what I say on feminism are men who have either never been in a long term relationship with a woman or are no longer in a long term relationship with a woman and don't expect to have one.

Men who are not in an LTR or don't expect to have one will not be exercised by the injustice and its corrosive toxicity of feminism, will they?

If there were an alpha male in Britain, I would go to him, but I know that not even Cameron is an alpha male. Even if he accepted everything of what I say he would be too afraid to talk about it with even his closest allies. The operation of democracy in its present form would dictate against change. Denial and suppression will be the order of the day. 

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