Monday, 1 February 2016

Sandman's videos are arguments for sex segregation

Familiarity leads to contempt.

The resulting misogyny comes from an environment of female promiscuity and co-ed secondary schools.

Now, Sandman knows he only wants to have sex with them but never marry them. He does want to have offspring, but won't marry the mother of his offspring and will use surrogate instead. He does still want to have sex with sluts but thinks sexbots are the future.

This will mark the beginning of the end for the porn tube sites and men will get an even more immersive ability to fulfill their carnal desires. This will probably reduce some interest in women. Maybe two to five percent. But it won't be a game changer. I want to be a part of the game changer which I think will be a combination of sex doll, oculus rift and filmed pornography. So with that being said I'm starting to research into the feasibility of building my own love doll with sensors in it that allows a man to interact with it while wearing an oculus rift headset. And have the actress respond with pre-recorded video footage when you touch the doll while wearing the headset. The sensors built into the doll will connect to the software and be interactive. I believe those three elements working together would be revolutionary. My academic background is in the development of new media technologies. That's what my degree is in and I'm glad that I can finally put that to some use. Isn't it ironic that I want to use ideas taught to me by feminist professors to spread feminism are now going to be used by me to liberate men. I want to call the system "The Liberator Doll." It's not just a doll but an interactive visual, physical and auditory experience. I want to install heaters in the unit to make it feel as warm as human flesh. I want it to have vagina sleeves that are not only easy to wash and maintain but also move and stimulate you better then the real thing. Think of it like taking your car through a car wash. Except in this case it would be a cock wash. 
Which is worse: MGTOW or Islamic State?

MGTOW is the terminal cancer you suffer from. Islamic State are just your natural ideological enemies. You are therefore more likely to be killed by the terminal cancer you already have sooner than you are from the harm your natural enemies intend to do to you.

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