Tuesday, 1 March 2016

What the mad Muslim woman who beheaded a disabled child proves about liberalism

Sometimes, Muslims suffer from mental health issues.

Religion is about instilling morality for the purpose of social cohesion.

The purpose of social cohesion is to keep your group in existence, make your group stronger and its civilisation last longer.

Islamophobes who tend to be atheists/feminists/liberals know that Islam is an ideology diametrically opposed to theirs, and that is why they hate and fear Islam.

Islamophobes think they have the right to invade and bomb Muslim countries without suffering the consequences of retaliation.

They also think that their government can have policies that have been causing degeneracy for generations, yet not suffer from degeneracy or have to do anything about it, like this feminist who wrote and wanted to suppress the view of an academic whose conclusions she disliked.
Like bullies, they can dish it out but can't take it.

All this story proves is that every now and then Muslims go stark raving mad, just like non-Muslims.

This woman is obviously not a terrorist, but no opportunity is missed when it comes to showing one's hatred and fear of Islam and Muslims. Apparently, Islam makes you go mad, or is it because the media love stories about violent Muslims?

The media love stories about violent Muslims because they know its audience love to hate Muslims.

In the meantime, the damage being inflicted by liberalism remains unaddressed.

Professor Daniel Bell:

Liberalism, it is claimed, contributes to, or, at least, does not sufficiently take account of, the negative social and psychological effects related to the atomistic tendencies of modern liberal societies. There is undoubtedly a worrying trend in contemporary societies towards a callous individualism that ignores community and social obligations, and liberal theory does not seem up to the task of dealing with this problem.

NB: Liberalism is atomistic and degenerate Feminism.

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